Monday, January 26, 2015

American Apparel change over may possible not feature better advertising

Forbes ran a piece on the new CEO of American Apparel Paula Schneider  this week. The whole thing was a little, bland and basic to repeat here but I did note that they did brave the topic of sexual advertising with her. Apparently she seemed uncomfortable with discussing it. Unsurprisingly given she works for a brand that peddles pornographic advertising that targets women. Oh and she is replacing a CEO known for being a sleazy bastard.

It's going to take a lot more then moving a few T-shirts around and removing some bad sellers for that company. I will not step foot in there until the advertising changes. A change which I don't see happening given this wishy washy answer :

“I think American Apparel is a cutting edge brand and there are moments in time too for different types of advertising,” Schneider said. “We’re continuing to evaluate who our consumer is and aligning our products with their beliefs and their fashion tastes.”

She was quick to then reference their new adverts which feature Brendan who apparently has done some dancing on youtube. She referenced these as cutting edge and edgy. We used him as a model and we did a whole photo shoot around him, and it was still edgy and cutting edge but it wasn’t as racy,” said Schneider. “He is so fabulous. And it was humorous, but it allowed him to have his voice about what it was like to be gay and to come out of the closet at a young age." What? I will say that AA does have good attitude towards the LGBT community in terms of support. If I have to say something positive at all. But I wish they would have the same attitude with women within their advertising.

My everyday make-up bag

I've posted before about my everyday skincare as I am obsessed with it. Collecting new skincare items is a very big obsession for me. So what about the make-up I use everyday? I had a quick look in my make-up bag and realised that everything I have is limited edition that I am obsessed with using up as I hate to waste new things.

I cannot throw away make-up! But then I donate so many things that are unopened to my sister that I get through various channels. But there are things which are occasional that I cannot justify using everyday like neon blue glitter that I keep in the hope that I will use it eventually!

So here are my limited edition and non limited edition current uses :

 Bobbi Brown BB cream : I love this during the winter. In the summer, it is just too oily and literally sweats off my face. If my skin is drier then its a god send as its a lightweight and creamy formula. I use the extra light shade which is about a MAC nw13/nc15. I love how healthy my skin looks with it. I am trying to use up all my foundations at the moment as I have a grand total of about 4 which I never use like Sculpt, Matchmaster from MAC and Skin Base from Illamasqua. I really hate skin base so I am not looking forward to that one.
 MAC PROLONGWEAR BLUSHER - This is a limited product that has been out twice in the past three years. I do not for the life of me understand why this is limited. It's gorgeous. Those of us with paler skin will understand the torture of buying blusher or bronzer because its hard work. Something really strong or highly pigmented looks awful on us and I prefer a dash of color. These are surprisingly sheer and easy to use. I do tend to stock up when they come in stock and I am DYING for a new one as I still have my Hello Sailor one. I know how old that is thank you! But I am getting crazy close to it being empty and it scares me.
 Bobbi Brown Taupe eye shadow - This is great for brows and crease lines. It's matte and lasts for ages. I have an entire palette dedicated to eyebrow shades and I love this one so much.
 MAC WHISPER OF GILT - Another limited product which I bought around Christmas time. Well, not this Christmas anyway. I have two of these and they are gorgeous. I do get asked a lot about these for girls who are dying for them to come back in stock. The extreme dimension formula is a MAC secret and unique to the company. But it gives incredible payout and flawless finish. Whisper of gilt is a light gold with plenty of warmth. I mix it with blusher to get my everyday finish.
 MAC ARCHIE'S GIRLS HIGHLIGHTER - I am THAT pale that I use these as blusher. I own almost the entire collection from Archie's Girls. I have two lipsticks, a highlighter, a gloss, two brush kits and an eye shadow palette. Obsessed much??? However, the peach color of this isn't meant to be a blusher but is too dark for me as a highlighter. The hearts go all the way through the container and I love it. I use the coral version and not the pink though. I haven't even hit pan on it yet even though I've had it for at least a good solid year now.
 MAC EXTREME DIMENSION MASCARA - I am replacing this soon as my current one is drying out. Sob. I am thinking of making a break for it and using something totally different. This one is good. I mean really good but, I have been using it for ages and I think it is time for a break. I am not sure what with though....
MAC VINTAGE SELECTION PAINT POT - Simply, the best primer in the world. It also makes an everyday color too. I cannot recommend this one enough. It's gorgeous.

I know my collection is a little MAC heavy. I am aware of it. We know the reasons why but I am and have been a MAC obsessive for about ten years. This year, I am making it my goal to open up my make-up habits a bit more.

I've been burnt in the past. I bought a lot of things from Illamasqua and hoped it would work but no such luck. I liked Urban Decay but I have mixed feelings about Bobbi Brown. I am however, getting my first Tom Ford products this year. Which I spent all last night panicking about. WHAT COLORS!!?! I am also buying some Smashbox this year too. So eventually, I'll have more to play with!!!

The new scarf is everything I love

 I am becoming obsessed with stick on jewels, bindis and hair buns. However the thing I am more obsessed with is my new Zara scarf. It's a blanket scarf and I haven't really taken it off since I got it last week.
Thank god I have it because its been colder then Anna Wintour this week. (Sorry Anna) So once I traipsed back home from the station in the snow on Tuesday night, I was really glad to have a warm neck!
I am really happy with how the Indie Show is going. I'm really obsessive about my music and glad that I have an audience of super involved listeners who like to text in and comment on the music. So far, so positive!

So the Indie Show is back to it's normal time again next week at 11-1am on URN. Tune in and give us some love.
It's going to be an interesting show as I am currently DYING with the flu.

OPINION : Shock for shock value sake.....WARNING : POST CONTAINS MALE NUDITY

By now I am guessing that you've seen the penis at Rick Owen's show.

I am still trying to work out what to say about it. Well, that was until the conversation turned to the show in the pub the other night (where all the best conversations happen) and I figured it out. Rick Owens is a fantastic designer. He has a way of draping clothes and styling shows which is just incredible. I've bought coats based on their 'Rick owens-ish' style before. This is what you do when you cannot afford the real deal!

I guess the first thing to discuss is the wording. Most of the fashion reporting which I witnessed immediately after the show used the word, peen. I am guessing peen is a less offensive use then penis. God knows why. It's making light of body parts again. I don't know what is so scary about using the actual terminology. Can we not?

The second thing to note was the feminist reaction to the penis showing capes and coats. Which was, why are we so okay with women and their boobs out at shows but yet, we don't show vagina on the stage? Erm, Vivienne Westwood is all (was) all over that one. Why the fear of showing a vagina or two on a runway? Why do men have to blaze the trail on genitals on show? I don't really agree with this one. I believe that this was all about shock value and that is normally women who bear the brunt of shock value with being made to display the goods. It's about time that men's bodies in fashion were used in the same way. It's about being a body in clothes and the penis is part of a male body the same way that breasts are to women. Why should only women being on display in a cold detached manner?

The biggest issue that I have with the show was the issue that was raised in the pub on a cold Friday evening. Which was that everyone knew the show had happened thanks to social media but no one could name the designer. In fact, when I asked had anyone seen the Rick Owens show, no one knew what I was on about. However, when I mentioned it was the 'peen' show, everyone knew what I meant. It overshadowed the clothes and the clothes became the secondary focus. This is where shock value fails. When your show is noted by all media, thats a good thing, but what about the average reader who doesnt care about fashion? It becomes about the shock value only and your name is lost. I looked again at the show in depth and realised that the twists, turns and drapes of the show are amazing. The penis becomes something which is just there. But this doesn't really interest those interested in shock value alone. It becomes a thing and the clothes are just a novelty.

It doesn't really bother me in terms of shock value. I'm 29 and I've seen a penis before. I'm not bothered about that! However it does bother me that the terminology is humorous and the focus is not on the clothes. I guess this teaches us a lot about face value of things. Shock value can be overwhelming and communicate in ways which we don't really understand. It goes before us and sets a tone. I notice that when I am at home in West Cork in recent months - people stare at my face. I didn't understand why at first but then I got it. I live in Nottingham normally where there are a lot of people with tattoos, odd hair colors and piercings. It's normal. However in West Cork, my alternative hair color and two face piercings including a septum piercing is strange. It's shocking. No one really does it. So this is why I get stared at. My piercings go before me to communicate that I'm punk or a bit weird. It's deters people from understanding that I'm actually a normal person who enjoys normal things like netflix binges on a Friday night in my pjs with Ben and Jerrys instead of swinging off a bar stool in a punk bar (okay so I do that too!) and people assume I am a nutter.

I didn't think of shock value when I got my piercings or changed my hair color (its green at the moment) and I certainly didn't care what people thought of me. But when you work hard on runway shows or put together something that takes ages to complete, it can be a bit disheartening when the shock value overrides the show. But then, in the age of instant media and fast reporting which includes tumblr, twitter, facebook, instagram......and so on, there must be shock value in order to grab headlines. It's not enough to just have a show or a gig because there needs to be a selling point now. Kim Kardashian's Paper cover where she was naked gathered headlines because of the nudity and the full frontal nature of the shoot. I don't know anyone who bought the magazine or can recall anything but the nudity. However, in terms of publicity, it worked like a dream. How many people know now that Paper exists?

It's almost scary in a way because, in a world where it gets normal to have these shock value things, where do we draw the line? Todays youth generation have Miley to look up to but when I was a teenager, you had Britney Spears dressed as a school girl or Madonna's SEX book. This was shocking and shock value. We set the bar higher and higher to the point where all female performers now wear leotards on stage or underwear. When does it stop? How shocking do we get?

Maybe I am just a cynic in my old age but, please, stop, look at the clothes and ignore the penis. Lets all be adults here and just pretend the 'peen' never happened. Can we?

Monday, January 19, 2015

MAC new nail varnish finishes

MAC have released an entire line of gorgeous new nail finishes. I've test driven each one and fallen HARD for them.

They look amazing in terms of a finish over a color or just on their own. I am in love with the turquoise glitter one which looks amazing over blue varnish. Swoon.

£10 each!



 Whoever is doing the PR for NARS is doing well!

The photos of the Spring Summer collection are doing the rounds and they are ON IT for next season. I normally find that this is the time of year where women look to the future of their cosmetics. It seems to be out with the reds and in with the corals. Coral for lips, cheeks and nails. So NARS have devised the perfect range for your coral needs.
 Nude is going to be HUGE this summer as well from the photos I have seen but cannot reveal. I hate having press releases that I have to wait to release. I get too excited about stuff. Going back to NARS though, the new foundation is creating a buzz amongst make-up artists as well. Full coverage, weightless and apparently gorgeous from what I have heard. I will try to get a review going. I have never actually tried their foundation but am totally willing to. I still have yet to beat the 'one' which is YSL Touche Eclat foundation......its perfection in a bottle.

 Here is the beauty blurb : '
The Spring 2015 Color Collection features Tilda Swinton in the second of four ‘Portraits by The Artist’, a seasonal series of acts created by NARS Founder and Creative Director Fran├žois Nars. Act 2, is a nude scene– daring, baring, anything but neutral.
Disrobed tones in spectral effects expose a new natural state. The look begins with a provocative pink shimmer on cheeks. The barely-there effect extends to eyes, where a bold beige base sets the stage for burnished neutrals with lucid depth. Lips are undone in tan pigments topped with a whisper of opalescent gloss.'

As mentioned, the wonderful Tilda Swinton is repping this collection. Shelling for all she is worth hunny! I do love her to be honest. She is the perfect selection for a nude collection as she never appears to wear make-up but is flawless. She's also an older model which makes me happy as well. Too many collections focus on younger and younger models which means that older models find it harder to get work and also, this I feel isolates older clients from brands. I would (in an ideal world) like to find more of a balance of equality in beauty photos in terms of race, gender and age. I know MAC are on this with their campaigns and I salute them for that but it needs to be an across the board job. We need more equality! I feel an opinion piece coming on about this.

WHAT I WORE LAST MONTH : Character make-up

 Sorry about the dopey photo but I LOVE my eye make-up in this. Anyone who knows me knows that I idolise Edie sedgwick in terms of style. I love her. The eye make-up, the leotards, the hair and the earrings. I am so obsessed that I took a photo of her from Ciao Manhattan! into the hairdressers once and told them to cut it all off and dye it brown to match. I loved it. I wore it the same way with massive earrings for about six months before it got too long. I'm not exactly in the market for short hair right now as I don't think it suits me but her make-up does.
 Part of a make-up artists job is to be well informed of past, present and future. You need to know your 80's lip from your 60's eyeshadow look. If someone asks you for period make-up or character looks then you need to be ready. You can't know it all but it helps it you know as much as possible! Edie always had beautiful liner, strong brows and a nude lip. It was gorgeous.

 The eye can be done by three products. I need a good strong liquid liner, a good smudge pencil liner and I need a matte eyeshadow in white. For this look I used MAC Gesso eyeshadow all over the lid before drawing my liner on. Once that was good and ready - I used the black pencil (any smudge eye kohl will do) and drew on my crease line. I then take a brush and smudge it out to give the line. You can use black eyeshadow for this but I prefer pencil. I also used MAC no.7 lashes on this too. You can use any lash but the no.7's have a 60s vibe to them.
I then used a mix of Viva Glam 2 and Myth lipstick from MAC. Myth is too light for me as a pale girl so I need a bit of darkness to tone it down. Normal brow rules apply but go heavier then normal to get the best effect.
In the past I have changed this with different colors. I used an orange sparkle eyeshadow with black liner two years ago on Xmas eve - still remember that!!! But it is a classic and wonderfully fun to recreate....

Cheap decorations for body and face in Nottingham

 I love decorating my body with random stuff. I hate paying crazy money for stuff. I did have a field day recently where I stocked up on tattoos, bindis and face jewels for nothing. I have been asked repeatedly where I got stuff from. So I decided to share.

I got a packet of transfer tattoos from Luvyababes in Nottingham. If your in Nottingham then this is a massive fancy dress shop (that I have written about before) on the top floor of Victoria Center which sells EVERYTHING from fake glasses to frozen balloons. They also do, costume make-up. It's the only place in Nottingham to get quick access to liquid latex, fake blood and green lipsticks. Oh and wax which is great. They carry a full range of Snazaroo face paint too.

I managed to get the whole packet for £1!!! They have load there in various shades of metallic.
 (I did not get the Naked palette there!!!)
Also bindis! I was getting sick of the prices that Topshop were charging for very few small ones so I went here and got two packets for £3.99 each. They have lots of different colors and there is a great shade selection. Oh and size selection too. I was so happy.

So hopefully this saves a few people from some paying crazy money in Topshop. Urgh!

Maybelline's new primers are causing all sorts of buzz

The buzz is happening around these primers right now.

I have a love / hate relationship with primers. I have NEVER found a primer that does anything decent to my skin. I just don't see a difference or a lasting effect. What I have found is primers that dry out my skin and also cause MAD break outs. So I never really see the point.

I keep on hoping though. I hope that this means that I have yet to find 'the one'.

So these have interested me. The new buzz in primers is that you should find one that blurs. Blurs imperfections in the skin so that foundation can cover more easily. The first brand to really get on top of this is Maybelline with their master prime primers. There are different types for different people - so one for redness, one for smoothing and one for illuminating. I think my preference would be illuminating.

I like the idea of trying this as it will be available in Boots and at high street prices because I draw the line at trying expensive primers that do not work. Thing is, if the primer doesnt work for me then it goes into my kit to be used for shoots where primers DO make a difference under studio lights.

Since we do not operate daily under studio lights then I don't see a point. I will reserve judgement on the primers until I have tried them but so far, my kit carries MAC Skin base and MAC Natural Radiance in yellow. It did carry Smashbox hydrating primer (the blue one) for a while which had the best results but I haven't put that back in yet! So maybe this one could be the answer......

FASHION MISHAPS : Splitting your own damn lip!

 I have taken a layer of my lip off!!!! Ooops. Fashion mishap number 16 on this blog - over scrubbing lips and splitting the skin.

This will teach me to 'take it easy'

Also apologies about the break out but I am not one of those bloggers who filters the hell out of my pictures. I have bad skin and this is just how it is! I also have large feet, mishapen toes and fat rolls. So what of it? I prefer to tell the truth on this blog rather then hide it. When I say I have acne - I wasn't lying. This is a mild break out but it is caused by my running out of my medication for it. Which I am picking up today!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015


This is exciting!

Anyone getting married this year?

I've got five pairs of tickets to the Wedding Journal Show in Belfast at the end of this month!

The show will take place at the Kings Pavilion in Belfast from Friday the 23rd to Sunday the 25th of January with bridal catwalk, Citybeat style stage and an exotic honeymoon area! The catwalk will showcase wedding designers and boutiques from Belfast. Oh and the couples that attend the show will have a chance to win £25,000 wedding!!!

Opening times: 3pm – 8pm Friday 23rd and 12pm – 6pm Saturday 24th and Sunday 25th January. 

Buy discounted tickets from Ticketmaster All other information can be found at  Buy a VIP ticket online and you’ll get to enjoy the fabulous VIP Lounge where you can sip complimentary drinks and enjoy the entertainment. VIPs also get treated to a fab goodie bag, reserved seating at catwalk and fast track entrance to the show.

 Penny Dreadful is teaming up with The Wedding Journal Show to give away five pairs of tickets. For your chance to win a pair, answer the following question:

Where is The Wedding Journal Show being held?

Send your answers to by the 20th of January to enter.

From Roots to Tips

 The first test of Apple Green is here! My friend did my roots and my tips last night and I have beautiful blonde and acid green tips now! Weirdly in the photo the hair looks really blueish but I am loving it. I am going to have to redye as Directions seems to be going on quite patchy. I've noticed it with the last few dyes that we have done.....
 I actually really love it but I will warn - it is so bright! I am so excited to do a full head dye but its going to have to wait. I normally dye the tips only with a new color so I can see how it behaves. If it washes badly then I can cut my hair. I am not stuck with a full head of weirdly fading color. I am hoping that this fades nicely otherwise, I wont be doing the whole head. If not then I will go back to super bright red which I had in April last year for my trip to New York.

Socks....the forgotten thing.....

New socks! Hurrah Topshop!

Super cosy too!

Does anyone else always forget to buy socks!?!??!

Monday, January 12, 2015

Emma Stone's jumpsuit WON the golden globes

 I have to say that so far, I am calling Emma Stone's jumpsuit (Lanvin naturally) the best outfit of the night. I love it. It's simple yet quirky, elegant yet edgy....I love it.

Sunday, January 11, 2015


 Leather. Lots of it. Less biker then Christopher Kane but think boardroom meets biker. Tough love. I am really enjoying all this leather.
 Furry Boots - this is not the most practical of things to invest in. I had a pair of bright purple ones which I use to wear going out - because of course I did. These look really cool but I am telling you now - not practical! Once you get street debris caught in them - you will understand completely
Pleats and interesting folds - the waist belt seems to making a comeback in this as well. I've seen an increase in the amount of people using waist belts to belt up scarves. This is apparently a thing now. But folding, shaping and pleats were all over this.

Pre Fall Mini Trends : Christopher Kane 2015

 Ah the mini trends of Pre Fall......

Oversized Boyfriend Leather Jackets.  If it looks like you stole it off your boyfriend/ band member/ biker then you are winning at life! This makes me happy as it gives me options to ignore lady shaped jackets - more on that rant in a minute!!!
 Texture Clashes - Adding leather patches to knitwear. Mixing leather and PVC. If it sounds like it shouldn't go together - then it does. Also, mixing colors that shouldn't work like navy and black.....
Origami Shapes - shapes that almost look as if they are inspired by Japanese art of folding paper into shapes.

New year - new me

So I am back!

I have my first posts of 2015. I took some time off over the new year - well deserved! I think we all need a little break every now and again so that was mine!

I'm still not used to it being 2015 yet. I guess once I go back to work and it all starts to go back to normal - it will hit me. I'm looking forward to some changes this year - the first being that I will start it with green hair. I've speculated on having green hair for some time now. I just have lacked the balls to do it. As time goes on, I seem to love my blonde but I really miss being mental.

I've also been debating taking my lip ring out. Argh. I am not really massively in love with it anymore and the ring is awkward. It's too big (my fault I know) and clumpy. However, I did resize and swallow it so I am not keen to do that again. I'll post all the changes on here but for now, green hair.

I have bought the dye.

I went for Apple Green from Directions.
I haven't worked with green before so I am going to do a tip test. My tip tests are when I dye the tips of my hair first then watch how it fades out so I can judge if I want that all over my hair or not. I could have done this when I used Atlantic Blue as that DID NOT want to fade at all. My mom has encouraged me to do this as well. I have such bleached hair that I am worried about the fade. Some colors go faster then others. I have recently used Directions Apricot and that is just useless. It lasts about two washes then is gone. However, I have then experienced the blue and also the wonderful red color that I had in April last year. So it's hit or miss. I've had seven mental colors last year. All of them have been a learning curve. If I don't do the green then I will never know......

*If your in Nottingham and looking for cheaper Directions/Crazy color then the best place I have found for stocking a full range at 2 pots for £5 (I know!!) is on Upper Parliament Street. If you walk past the Starbucks on the corner and the Stage bar and keep going then there is a hair store with wigs etc there. It's the first thing you see when you walk in! I've never seen Directions as cheap as it is there. Which is great for me as my hair is now getting to the three pots a go stage because of how long it is. Once it gets to four - I'm cutting it.

Why would anyone dye their eyebrows when you can fake color them?

What annoyed me this morning was talk of eyebrows. I was reading a list of all the things that people find high maintenance in beauty. Dyed eyebrows for girls with alternative hair color was up there. 

There is no need for that!!! I'm about to dye my hair green. All of it. But I've been a fan of doing my eyebrows to match my hair as well. However, I would NEVER dye mine. My tip for getting your brows to match your madness is thus :

 MAC paintsticks are brilliant. They have a HUGE variety of colors so you will totally get one to match. I use a thin angled brush and just paint the color on. It washes off so you don't have to worry about it staining or causing an issue. Just go with it. You can also use face paints, lipsticks, eyeshadows....the list is endless. I prefer the paintsticks as they have a nice waxy texture and build up.
So much easier then destroying your brows with dye.

Wednesday, December 31, 2014

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