Sunday, July 27, 2014

LOOK BOOKS AW14 : Topshop

 No idea why, but all the books I have looked at so far for next season seem to be taking place in fields.....are fields in? Did no one tell me? ARGH!

Anyways, here is the new line up from Topshop AW14 for next season. I am finding it a bit prim and proper and a bit ladylike....but then anything is more ladylike then my usual wardrobe of black, spikes and studs.....

I love this time of year. This is why the September issue of magazines is always such a big deal. There is a sense of reinvention in the air and a feeling of new directions. I love it because it means an end to shorts, pastels and sandals, all of which I don't wear and don't like. Long live over sized coats! I may even invest in something a little more jazzy this year then my tweed-ish looking blanket! I am feeling that coat above....

Louboutin designs new nail varnish range......

Got some spare cash floating around and at a loss of how to spend it?

Try the newest expensive nail varnish on the market. The new Louboutin nail varnish range will set you back £30. Which is a lot for a nail varnish. However the bottle design is gorgeous and a center piece of your make up stand/counter/desk/bag.....

Although at 8 inches a spike, would it even fit in a bag?

The eight inches is the same measurement as the Ballerina shoe heel. So you know....

The reason?

To make you feel as if your an artist while you paint your nails. No seriously. The range will launch on the 31st of August with over 30 shades to choose from.....I am guessing there will be a red though...!

I don't know why I love you, but I do.....

 I am really loving printed blazers at the minute.

It's odd for me given I am someone who really doesn't do print. It has to be the right print which is easier said then done.

This jacket from River Island is really not me, but I still am drawn to it. It doesn't really fit my 'punk/goth' attire but there is something about it I really like.
I would team this with ripped skinny jeans and flat shoes. Always flat shoes.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Birthday styles

 The many joys of getting dressed while drunk! I have to admit, I love my birthday outfit. I was uninspired by anything on the high street so I invested in this flower headpiece from Primark as a last resort and teamed it with whatever I found in my closet!

I had this black dress which is actually a swimsuit cover up which I wore over my skeleton leggings. I then added my neon bag.
 I was more happy with my make-up though. I used neon pink blusher from MAC to create the pink eyes adding a small bit of purple for a pop. I added a pink jewel to the center of my eyebrows as well which on looking back was a massive mistake - it looks like a spot!!!

I also wore Heroine lipstick from MAC as well. The hair spent all day in two plaits being soaked in spray and water to make the waves. I love my hair wavy. It takes AGES though. I even did Jenny's make-up with a neon orange blusher and I love it.
I might have been a little tipsy......okay....I was just plain drunk!

But, it meant a lot to me that people came out for a drink and a dance. Thanks guys! It was awesome!

The Alternative Bridal struggle....

This week, all talk turned to bridal as one of the clan got engaged and will be tying the knot next year. The reason for this bridal talk, was not about the best wedding dresses or what shade of boring French polish to have - it was the alternative bridal talk.

As people with a lot of tattoos, piercings and weird hair colors - normal bridal looks really really silly on us. I think I would just look bizarre if it was me. So the conversation was, how alternative to go without looking too alternative!

All of us felt that going too alternative with a wedding makes it look a bit silly. We wondered how to best find something that suited us and our tastes without presenting a weird version of our usual aesthetic. I know myself, with my hair color and piercings that I would feel strange and not myself if I covered these things.

This isn't to say that normal bridal doesn't look good because it does, on the right person. It's something I have heard from a few alternative folk who are getting married because I've reached that age where it is happening now. Sadly.

So I've turned to the internet to help me with trying to sort out some alternative looks. I don't ever want to get married so this isn't a thing for me - besides I am happily single! But I do want to help. I came across Rock and Roll bride which is a wedding style blog dedicated to things of a wedding nature for people who have cool hair, piercings and are punk fucking rock.

I thought I'd provide a link incase anyone else alternative is having wedding panic blues. Also because I'm going to link my friend to it as well!

Did you notice 324 brand mentions in SATC? I didn't......

Many are still mourning the loss of SATC. I will say that nothing else has really come close to it. GIRLS is nothing like it, Gossip Girl was nothing like it and, well, thats it really.

So Vogue had an interesting take on it this morning. Apparently with all the brand names and brand mentions on the show over its six series, Vogue clocked in the most mentions at 36. In second place was Manolo Blahnik.

I have to wonder, does it count as a brand name and a brand flash every time Carrie takes out and lights a fag? After all, she famously smokes Marlboro Lights does she not? I would say the smoking would beat Vogue hands down. She was quite the smoker in a few series!

Here are the other honorable mentions : Martini (34 times), Yankees (26 times), Knicks (25 times), New York Times (24 times), Manolo Blahnik (16 times), Dolce & Gabbana (15 times), Prada and Post-it (14 times each), Chanel (13 times), and Gucci (12 times).

I love how in amongst all that fashion and New York related stuff which is essential to the show - Post it also got a mention.....

All together now : HE BROKE UP WITH ME ON A POST IT!

Actually, that is quite a thing to have a claim to for the makers of stationary products!!!!

In another random fact, there were 324 brand mentions in total over the years! Branding mentions in TV are common place and happen all the time. They can bring in serious money for a company - after all - there is a famous cupcake place in New York that was mentioned in SATC, Blahnik became a household name after being featured as Carrie's shoe of choice and also, in a more random one, Orange is the New Black has had something to do with orange jumpsuit sales. I really am not kidding. I use that one more as a influence example rather then a brand mention. It's amazing how we watch TV now.

Mind you, the brand that does the best out of SATC? New York. I can't think of a better advert for NYC then that show. After all, there was only one episode with really shit weather, one episode with gun crime and one episode where Carrie seems totally pissed off with the place. Other then that it's a whirlwind of bars, nightlife, culture, smoking and angry people. It seems like, and it is, my kinda place. I was so glad to get to see it in April.


 You know what, I put together a selection of Carrie smoking photos and realised, I remember each episode. I remember dialogue and actually moments from each episode! SAD FACT!

Ever wondered how much Milan Fashion Week tickets would cost?

If your interested in attending Milan Fashion Week and have a spare kidney that you would like to sell to raise funds then your in luck!

Apparently an auction house in Milan have two tickets for the front row or the F-row as it's affectionately referred to by people who aren't me.

Oh but wait, there is a catch. The tickets are starting their bidding process at $25,000 for three shows and $10,000 for Miu Miu alone.

It gets better! Securing your F-row seating and attendance at t'shows with access to backstage at Fendi will set you back, a cool - $95,000. Makes Miu Miu sound like it's cheap as chips!

Guess I will settle for the highlights as dictated by Tim Blanks online then.....

Black Milk releases a Disney collection

I've become even more obsessed with Black Milk lately. I met a girl recently who owned the actual Harry Potter leggings with the map on them and they have reminded me that I need to invest in a pair. While I love Disney and all that, I think my heart is in the Harry Potter ones! The company have just released an entire line of Disney leggings, bomber jackets and dresses though...... which are as usual stunning!

LOVE the cat dress!

OCC lip colors reveal AW14 color line up ........AND ITS AWESOME!

I am really feeling the love for dark blue lips right now. I've been thinking about investing Kat VonD's Poe lipstick as well which is a dark navy. I do have the Illamasqua dark navy, Disciple, but I am really not happy with it. It is borderline IMPOSSIBLE to get a liner which works well with it and also, it fades and bleeds really badly as well.

So the above is the new OCC Technopagan color. I need this in my life. Sephora stock OCC and now ship to the UK so I am guessing, this is happening at some point.

But wait, it gets better.....I've got a sneaky peek at the new A/W14 colors for OCC for you! GET A LOAD OF THAT GREEN. GET IN MY LIFE NOW.

In fact, all of them can just get in my life right now. ARGH!

The most amazing sweater ever.

I am full on in love with this sweater!

Which comes from US site, Rage on which has a whole host of amazing everything. You can find it here

Thursday, July 17, 2014

I bought new boots

 I bought some new boots! However when I went to photograph them, a shower of glitter appeared in the photo!

I thought this was kinda cute. Anyway, the boots were £90 in River Island down to £40 in the sale so I had to have them.

I seem to have a thing for cowboy style boots lately. These are a small ankle boot with leather and suede straps and fringing around them. LOVE IT.


Monday, July 14, 2014

I finally dyed my hair orange. Finally.

 I decided to bite the bullet and dye the hair. I am contemplating orange at the minute so I did the tips first. I do it this way because I have no idea how the dye is going to react when I do an entire head. I do the tips first then wash them and check how it fades.

I am glad I did it like this because, I was shocked at just how much dye came pouring out of the hair on its first wash. In fact, my hair is not orange but peach now. I don't mind it but its not the vibrant orange color I wanted.
 Gutted. I used Directions Apricot to do it. I might look into a better dye then that.
What do we think? full head or tips?

Friday, July 11, 2014

True Rocks : Quirky jewelry

I am a massive fan of quirky jewelry.

I was interested to receive an email telling me all abut the new line from True Rocks. A collaboration between Emily Bradley and British artists such as Polly Morgan and Dawn Hindle. Interestingly, Dawn Hindle is the creative director and founder of Ibiza Rocks.

So Emily and Dawn have created some really quirky pieces which reflect their interest in fashion, art and music. I LOVE the rich tea biscuit necklace by artist Gavin Turk which is beyond cute. Apparently Idris Elba bought the first rich tea necklace before Lilly Allen and Haim were spotted in various True Rocks pieces. Emily and Dawn met last summer (in Ibiza naturally) and started the brand,

"It was a meeting of the minds. We knew that we were going to work together creatively and decided that we wanted to also collaborate with those who inspire us in contemporary art, fashion and music. By creating a jewellery collection under the banner of True Rocks, this reflects both our personalities – in other words, a jewellery collection with attitude”.

 You can find True Rocks here

Alexander Wang for H&M reveal images

The first of the promo images from Alexander Wang X H&M are out. They reveal nothing much of the line at all. Bar boxing gloves on a keyring. Fantastic.

The collection launches on the 6th of November so hopefully, we will start getting images soon!

Men are sporting flowery beards now. This is a thing.

 You know those flower crowns that girls have? Well, this is the male version - flower beards. This has been popping up on various forms of social media lately apparently - I wouldn't know. I am not 'down with kids' these days.

This is the issue with doing a PhD, you are so focused on research that things like flower beards pass you by. This ends here.

Still though, they are almost pretty in a weird way....

American Apparel rehire Dov Charney

American Apparel have given Dov Charney a job. Apparently he is a strategic consultant. Whatever that is. Either way, it's a cop out.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

MAC release travel sized make-up and skincare!

 In a stroke of pure genius - MAC have released their best selling pigments, lipglasses and mascaras in travel sizes! Hurrah!

They have been doing skincare for a while now but they recently released an entire range of travel sized make-up to go with it!

All skincare and make-up is also priced at £10 so incredibly reasonable!
 It's a great way to introduce a new color to your routine without breaking the bank. Also as a make-up artist who likes to leave something behind for the bridal parties, it is a great way of leaving small gifts as well so the bride can touch up her make-up during the day!

Nice one!
Not to mention how handy the travel skincare is. I LIVED on MAC wipes while in New York. In fact, I now buy them at full size because of this. Bad move Penny! Get hooked on the expensive wipes!

But yeah, all travel sized minis are good to go!

River Island tie dye dress

I love this!

Its a tie dye dress from River Island. With cut out sleeves too! WANT IT. It is only £25 as well. Bargain! I see this with black leggings and an epic black hat.

Fleetwood Mac on sale in Urban Outfitters!

I'm a massive fan of Fleetwood Mac.

I am planing on buying this vinyl copy of one of their best albums ever - Rumors. Incase anyone is as besotted as I am, it's on sale for £20 in Urban Outfitters at the minute.

WORK FACE : Getting the Blues....

 I took this photo and for some reason - there is a large black dot on my eyeball! I just noticed this now. I decided to leave it up here because it is just beyond weird!!! I look like there is something seriously wrong with my eye! I can assure you, there isn't.

So today is the turn of the blues! I was orange yesterday so today is about my enemy - blue eyeshadow. As a fair person, I find it difficult to wear blue because it brings out the tones of purple in my horrible eye circles.
 However I really like this. It's made using the following : Clearwater paint pot from MAC, Freshwater eyeshadow from MAC, Midnight from Bobbi Brown in the crease of the eye. I also used a black gel liner with false lash mascara from MAC. The eyebrows are Dirty Blonde gel from MAC.

Foundation today is Skin Base by Illamasqua. I'm giving it another go for arguements sake. I hope it lasts! I've teamed this with a limited edition blusher from MAC and a skinfinish. Oh and Viva Glam 2 from MAC on the lips.

Sorry about the long list of MAC products but, this is just how I roll!
I've been struggling to avoid my usual hair do of scraped back ponytail as well. So this is something different - two braids! I am not sure if it looks okay as its very messy but I like it! It gets the hair back off my face so I'm a fan of that.

Bitching and Junkfood are having a summer sale! YES!

You can't argue with this!

I love Bitching and Junkfood! So I'm delighted they are having a sale. My only hope is that they continue having a sale until I get paid and I can organise purchasing.....this....
It has been reduced from £99 to £69.50 in the sale! Bargain!

You can find it here

MONEY FOR MAGAZINES AND SHIT FOR FREE : Glamour magazine and clinique make-up giveaway!

Glamor are going for it with their August Clinique give away!

Every year there are collaborations with Glamour that make buying a magazine and not googling everything worth it. These are the Nails Inc, Clinique and occasional Benefit give aways!

This year its the turn of the make-up to get the Clinique treatment with free chubby sticks, mascara and moisturiser! I already use that moisturiser and I can confirm - its good. Very good. I'll be hoping for a bit of mascara myself.

Not bad huh?

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