Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Sweater dress from River Island

I don't know what it is about this sweater dress that I like.....but I really like it. It's a bit pricey at £40 from River Island but still.....I like it....I like the idea of leather leggings with a black beanie and this.

Zara have great under £50 basics

 I am actually really loving Zara for basics at the moment. All of the clothing here is under £50 which also helps! I always forget how cheap Zara are. I know that finding clothing in there can be tricky because they do not tend to make clothes for taller women and I am a lot bulkier then they cater for. I have wide shoulders to do with my height which rules out their beautiful coats. I still really like lookig at their stuff though....

 In fact, I actually think the most expensive thing here is £35! I do have one complaint about Zara apart from sizing which is my issue not theirs, it is that their stores and their website seem very far apart. I can never find anything in store on the website and visa versa. I can spend ages on their website but never in their stores either. I do have to note that who ever does their visual merchandising in Nottingham, does a wonderful job. I stand outside their shop several times a day because its near my work and their displays are always a beautiful sight. They also make me want all the things they sell.

Tuesday, November 25, 2014


So as you know, I work on URN as the presenter of THE INDIE SHOW!

I am on air tonight from 11 -1 bringing you some amazing tunes.

Listen in and support HERE

I'm switching up my skincare I am bored...

 I decided since I haven't changed some core products since the start of my start with make-up, it could be time to try some new things. I went on a bit of an over haul with the goods...... So I have written what I am changing from and then what the new product is....

I haven't really got any reason to complain about PRO make up remover from MAC because its brilliant but I wanted to try something a little more gentle. I've  been using Botanics in the break between the PRO and this arriving. I'm excited about trying something different.
 Cremewash MAC - Clinique LIQUID FACIAL SOAP - I didn't want to stop using Cremewash but the product has been discontinued. Boo! I hate when that happens. I wasn't blown away by the choice of facial soaps so I chose this one. I also need to replace my body wash as well.
 ORIGINS SPOT TREATMENT - CLINIQUE SPOT TREATMENT - I wish I hadn't done this. I see no difference between the two in terms of ingredients but Origins has the win on this one. I am waiting to see how I get on with it in the long term because there is still a tiny amount of Origins left. I also know there is a new product coming on the market which I want to try from another store.
 MAC CLEANSE OFF OIL - ORIGINS CLEAN ENERGY CLEANSING OIL - I switched because I thought Cleanse off oil was causing break outs. It turns out that it isn't - I have been using it wrong! Duh! I might switch back after this arrives! I do want to try the Tranquil version of Cleanse off. The best way of using it seems to be to mix with water and your make-up literally falls off. Oil dissolves oil. I then use a toner to clean up the skin.
ORIGINS CLAY MASK - ORIGINS OUT OF TROUBLE MASK - I have been having awful break outs lately and I thought maybe switching to this might help! I know that clay masks draw out spots from lurking in pores and i am okay with that but I would like something to treat them when they are out. This brings my total count of Origins masks to four. Which is insane.
 CLINQUE CLARIFYING LOTION - CLINQUE CLARIFYING LOTION  - No change. I love this. I might change slowly down the line as I am de-EL-ing my skincare a little bit to keep costs down at the moment. However, for now, I love this. I am interested in a good rosewater toner as well so who knows. But for now, another year with this product. That is how long the bottle lasts - a year!
ORIGINS GRAPEFRUIT SCRUB - SOAP AND GLORY BODY SCRUB/BREAKFAST SCRUB - I had the breakfast scrub before and nothing has ever come close to how much I love that scrub. I decided to go back since I wasn't in a whole lot of love with the Origins stuff. It's nice but not bothered about having it again really.

So I seem to be trying to break away from spending a fortune on skincare lately. I'm trying to high street my collection for the first time in three years. I guess I am realising that high street can be just as good. I am totally loyal to Origins though. I find it really works for my skin. Another thing that is changing is that I am going back to cheaper make-up wipes since I ran out and had to use expensive wipes on set which was awful! I am keeping my night treatment, eye cream, face oils and hair care in the same companies for now. I might be in the market for a new eye cream after Christmas because I HATE the stuff but aware at my age that I need to invest in a decent one. I am currently using Bare Minerals and not blown away by it....

Urban Decay release another Vice palette.....

I am slightly obsessed with palettes. Although I have come to realise that I have farrrrrr too many palettes for one person!

This is why I am going to be sitting out of the new Vice Palette from Urban Decay. I've had enough now. I cannot justify anymore!

Also, I would love to see UD do something different and a bit wilder. I love the Electric palette although I haven't bough it yet. I am just so over all the vice/naked stuff from the company.

Lila Grace is 12.

Lila Grace is 12.

Kate Moss being her mom means she's is going to gorgeous when she grows up. Oh and the clothes.....could you imagine stealing clothes off your mom when your mom is Kate Moss?

America's Next Top Model being asked to fire mentor

People are not at all happy with America's Next Top Model.

A few weeks ago, one of the ANTM mentors decided to call a contestant with a skin condition, panda. Oh and was surprised and pissed off when she questioned it. While I don't like either the mentor or the contestant (yes I'm watching it) I don't like the nickname either.

It's not okay to label someone with vitiligo, a skin condition that changes the pigmentation of the skin, a panda. There is a petition going online to get Tsai kicked off the show. His defense of this situation was that the nickname was a pet name and only meant to show Chantelle that he was being playful. WTF!

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Where do I buy a good brush belt?

I keep getting asked where to buy brush belts.

I know that Make Up Forever stock them as do Illamasqua but I havn't come across one I like as much as the MAC belt. I think I am biased because I had a MAC belt from the start but I have found some of the others out there a little too small. I do love that I can fit a mountain of brushes in there.

I recently treated myself to a new one because the old one was getting a little....messy. I am in love with it. They are sold in PRO MAC stores which means that not all MAC stoes carry them. I know Soho and Covent Garden have them in London. I think they retail at £35.

My only complaint with it is not one about the belt but rather Real Techniques brushes! I have all three sets and the rubber handle on the brush makes it a complete balls to get the brush into the belt. I have to put them in the loose part of the belt which sucks.

I also find the handles too bulky. Anyone else finding this? I am not leaving those brushes at home! I do need a brush roll as well because I cannot fit everything into the belt. I am having to leave certain brushes at home. I don't mind the short handled ones I own because I keep those for personal use but there are brushes that damage easily like the fan brushes which have a plastic cover to avoid them getting destroyed. However they don't travel easily. I have a small case for the short handle ones for when I am travelling but I really cannot stand using short handle brushes on make-up jobs. I think, weirdly, it looks unprofessional. Don't ask me why, I have no reason for it!!!

But yeah, this is the price and location for those belts!

Pug jumper

Pug jumper spotted in Primark......

Last month's cover of Mojo magazine make-up inspiration

I think this was last month's issue of Mojo magazine. I took this as I loved the theatrical punk make-up on Siouxsie. I LOVE IT. I did think about making this into a look but I haven't had the chance yet.

I cut a fringe back in thanks to bad skin.....and its worked!

 I take a lot of inspiration from strong female characters. I have to say that a lot of these strong female characters come from the 60s and 70s. I decided, thanks to an awful break out on my forehead, to cut a fringe in. I am sure there are hairdressers out there who would shudder to realise that I cut the fringe with a blunt pair of cheap nail scissors and I did it myself.

I always cut my own fringe! I realised that my hair because of its ice white color and long straight nature have now resembled a tribute to Nico from the Velvet Underground!
 Sadly the only photos I have is when my hair is tied up and I have the wrong blusher on. Well, no, I have too much blusher on.....there is a difference! I will try and get a photo with it down. It just gets in my way when it isn't tied up and I am working. I have had red lipstick, mascara and eyeliner in there far too often for my liking!

 I freakin' love Nico. This is not the first time that I have done a copy of a 60s haircut either. I did a Edie Sedgwick after seeing her brown cut in Ciao Manhattan! and rushed to the hairdresser to get the cut. I loved it but I hated the brown. It would take a lot for me to do that again.

I do miss my mowhawk though. I wish I had the balls I had as a 20 year old to do it. When I was that age I would just walk into a salon and go for it. Now, I have to be sedated because I know how long it takes my hair to grow back and I LOVE my locks.

I also realise that my face shape being round, does not suit the shorter cuts which need cheekbones to pull it off. I do have to contour a little more then normal when my hair is pulled up and my fringe is there because my face is that much rounder. So I add a little taupe satin from MAC underneath my cheekbones and the cult product that is whisper of gilt on the tops - also from MAC. Both products are a limited edition product and there are women out there who would take my arm off for those! Taupe satin is a perfect contour product with no pink/yellowish undertones and its also gentle enough for paler skins and then Whisper of Gilt is a perfect yellow highlighter powder...... If I don't have those then I tend to have a round weird looking face.

Radio show is still happening!

 So my radio show is still going strong. We have had a few teething issues which new equipment but getting there! I host the Indie show from 11pm-1am on Tuesday nights at URN where we talk about indie news, album reviews, new gigs, old gigs and general chit chat. We have list of the week and also there is a whole lot of great tunes too.

I am really happy to back on air. I was nervous to start with because I had had a year off from radio but I am getting back into the swing of it. It's nice to have an evening show and not be on breakfasts this year too. Although getting back at 2am is a balls!
I'd love for you guys to tune in and listen! I will post links to the show from now on on here and also on the blogs social media as well.....also if you text me then chances are I will play your tune too!

Vogue building has a massive rat issue

Sounds like Vogue have fallen out of love with their new fancy offices!

Apparently there is a chronic rat issue at their new HQ. This will delay the wardrobe departments move to the new offices as there is a worry that the rats will chew the clothing. Seems like the rat below fashioned his own version of Stella McCartney's winter collection....

Also Wintour is not a fan of rats and is apparently refusing to work there until the rats are fashionably dealt with......

OCC make the best Black Friday set

Black Friday is something that exists in America. Its when all the stores have discounts and shoppers go mental -from the sounds of it- and while we don't have anything quite as.....interesting over here, we do get to watch the products created.
I don't know at what point companies started making Black Friday products and giftsets but I am calling the OCC Black Friday gift set the best of the bunch...

Black Friday is the 28th of November this year and will end on December 1st.

Sleeping has now become a lot more fun.....

 I have rediscovered the many joys of my onesie. I have been working really late nights this week between filming, work and college. I am beyond exhausted! I just want to sleep! Its also really cold lately too which makes this perfect. Naturally, it has skeletons on it. Because of course it does....

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Topshop are going 70s boho for Spring Summer 2015....

Apparently Topshop are working on a whole load of floral boho pieces for Spring with a 70s edge. Yawn.

The press days for Spring Summer are on. Its early considering we haven't had Christmas yet but hey, thats fashion!

That image is actually Topshop SS15 as well. I am really not looking forward to yet again another spring where there is an overload on boho. Did we not get rid of that circa 2008?

There was a nice suede-ish fringed jacket that I liked......time to invest in that I think...

OPINION: Interning....when is it worth it?

As someone who interned all over the place when I was doing my MA in Journalism, I am interesting in the state of play with interning. It's a horrible thing to have to give away your skill because no one is hiring but its a part of reality now that any field expects you to have paid your dues before your hired.

I interned at magazines, radio and also did set designing (?!) as well for a bit. I was tired, broke and sore after all the running, early starts and freezing weather conditions. It's a bit shit and I would love to say, its worth it but it is and it isn't. Some of the interning I did was wonderful like when I worked at Newstalk fm in Ireland which taught me a lot about radio and really helps now that I present my own show. However some of it, was less then helpful as I ran around in freezing weather to interview people because no one else wanted to do it.

The pay situation is even worse. I was broke. I was an MA student who was struggling to make bills paid. I modelled on the side to make ends meet and usually at night in order to make something to pay for food, fees and rent. I still ended up after everything with rice cakes with a slice of cheese and salsa on it. Awful! So I have full sympathy for people who intern. You don't expect riches because you wont make them but a lot of employers need to understand that that free work they are receiving comes at the price of someone suffering.

I read the recent struggles at Conde Nast with interest. Interns claimed they were under paid. I was interested in that because I was would have KILLED to intern there and would have done it for free if I thought that could be done. However, in cities like New York or London, there are high costs of living and even higher rents to be paid. Conde Nast have settled the lawsuit for a grand sum ( $700 - $1900 per intern) which has knock on effects for future interns.

"You may be hearing today about settlement papers that were filed in the lawsuit brought by two former interns (Ballinger v. Advance Magazine Publishers, Inc.).While we continue to believe the internships that were offered at Condé Nast provided experiences that were among the best in the media business, we determined that settling the lawsuit is the right business decision for Condé Nast, as it allows us to focus our time and resources on developing meaningful, new opportunities to support future up-and-coming talent.Thank you for your support as we make progress on this matter."

I know a few places have revealed they will not be accepting interns as they struggle to get people who do not complain, work for free and then, gasp, expect a job after!

This is a massive issue with anything creative and it affects a large variety of career paths. I know as a make-up artist, there are people who expect me to work for free. I will, but only if I am truly interested in the job. I am fortunate enough to be making pay somewhere else so I am not that worried about money but my time is precious because I do so much with it. If I have a day off - I don't really want to be down on set from 7am to 9pm trying to powder someone. If a shoot offers me the chance to try a new thing or has an interesting edge to it then I will take it for a set of photos and usually because the person doing it is a friend or I know no one else there is paid. This attitude has led to paid work as well. My kit costs money to run and I need to be smart.

It is when I see people doing shoots for free when the magazine can pay but won't, or discounting to brides to make pay when they are worth more or offering to work for free on massive shows just to make a name - then it gets a little frustrating.

I know its hard out there. it is for all of us in the game. But this business of hiring interns for free or working for free is a difficult one to manage. At what point do you say, okay, I'm worth more? At what point do you stop?

For me, it was a simple case of waking up and needing to pay rent. I stopped interning because there was nothing else to do. I had done magazine and radio and had gained experience. I now felt that any more volunteering for free would harm my ability to get paid and I had rent due! I think it comes down to assessing the situation.

Asking the difficult questions :

1 - Will this benefit my career if I take it on?
2 - Can I afford to do this? How will I support myself?
3 - Can the institution I am working actually afford to pay and choose not to?
4 - Am I likely to get a job afterwards?
5 - Am I likely to get a reference afterwards that will contribute to paid work?

No.2 is harder then you think. Calculate all your outgoing expenses for a month then take a week where you write down everything you spend. That gives you an idea of how much you spend on daily basis and I can assure you - its more then you think. It's not even easy trying to cut back either - bills got to be paid and they keep coming in even if the money doesn't.

I'm not trying to preach, I have been there. One of the darkest times where I don't know how the hell I did it. I look back now and I am shocked at how little I survived on and also, how much I squeezed into a day. I used to spend 14 hours on a few buses a few just to get from A to B during that time. I also walked everywhere I could and rented a tiny bed in someone's studio just to have somewhere to sleep. It sucked. Be prepared.

No.1 is also hard. I lost track of the amount of coffees I made with a smile on my face. I actually recorded what I was doing during this time on this blog with the INTERN DIARIES. I would say do whatever you can to prove how useful you are but also, there is a lot of shit that goes along with being the bottom of the food chain in a company. You have to do all the stupid things that fill the space in a magazine when you are tired, cold and run down. There are no excuse and no one else wants to do it. Suck it up and do it but within reason. There are times when you are asked to do stuff that is just exploitation and unreasonable. Ask yourself if this is a once off or if you are being taken advantage of. 

No.5 as well. It can be hard to get a reference if you do not stand out. There are companies that hire interns on a rotation so its difficult to make a difference. Do not be afraid to ask for a reference or a letter or anything because, you earned it. Don't worry about being a pain or bothering people. You have just worked for free. Take a reference.

I hope some of this is handy because, as I said, I have been there and I sympathize with anyone doing creative or interning because it is hard but you can come through it and hopefully - its worth it. shadows....

 Not the best load of photos this morning but a quick few to demonstrate that I tried out a new red. I bought the Sugarpill bright red eyeshadow when I was in London.  I was so excited to try it as I have struggled to find something red and I do mean RED. I was using Barry M loose pigments in red which I was a bit meh about. They don't photograph very well and flash back washes them out.

I was so excited about the red shade from Sugarpill and from a distance, it does photograph like I was it to. However, up close, the shade is less then perfect and again is washed out by strong light. Shame. The next step after this is to try the MAC loose pigment in red and see if that makes a difference. I also struggle with black as well. There are very few blacks on the market that are truly black. I have come close with Urban Decay but not close enough.

I am going to try Sugarpill again as I was impressed for daily use but, when it comes to photography, I think I have to accept that it might not be the best way forward to try reds. The search continues.....

I also teamed the red with Mulch from MAC to try and take down the neon shade. I have also used a dark brown paint pot from MAC to try and take away some of the glare and make it more wearable. I know the pot I used is limited edition and isn't on sale anymore but there are others like Constructionist which are very close.

What do we think?

Saturday, November 15, 2014

My Halloween face chart!

 Halloween in this house doesn't just happen. It's designed!!! I decided to do a face chart for my look for Halloween this year because, I was challenging myself! I decided not to do Special FX this year and just rely on painting.

I was really happy with how it turned out and I have the photos later tonight to prove it. I was happy with how the face chart turned out as well.
 I did make changes on the day suh as the hair color and the eyes but the rest was the same. Also I had a fringe on the wig i used so there was no veins flowing from the eyebrows up the forehead.
My charts have come a long way!

CHISTMAS WINDOWS : Selfridges 2014

I was really excited on my last day in London to go visit the Christmas windows in Selfridges. I used to work as a visual merchandiser and I used to build Christmas windows in Brown Thomas and Topshop, so this was a big deal to me.
I was blown away. I decided to photograph EVERY window I saw with the enthusiasm of a teenager at a One Direction concert. I'm pretty sure I made the security guards nervous! Hahahaha! but I also wanted to share them here because I thought these were so pretty and GLITTERY. ALL THE GLITTER. YESSSSSSSSS......

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