Monday, October 27, 2014

Dolce and Gabbana are NOT guilty and NOT going to prison so no panic.....

I had no idea this was still a thing but, Dolce and Gabbana have settled a long dispute with the Italian government which states they are NOT guilty of tax evasion.

Waaaaaay back in April, the courts decided that D&G were guilty to the tune of €550 million and sentenced to 18 months in prison. The appeal featured the arguement that the two were so involved in their business that they didn't realise they were breaking the law.

It worked.

I wonder if I tried this with tax would it work for me? Sorry officer but I was too busy with college, work, radio and website to bother paying tax.....nah.....I don't think so somehow!

While D&G are out of the hot water, it seems Prada are still in it. The company are also accused of avoiding tax and the case is still ongoing.

IRISH DESIGN: Rory Hutton Designs.

 I was going through the press release from Brown Thomas when a name jumped out at me. Rory Hutton bow ties! I was impressed to realise that I knew the person from Limerick School of Art and Design from back in the day. I also, loved the bow tie.

This blog features Irish designers and Irish design quite frequently as I think it is important to celebrate, promote and encourage home grown talent. So after my trip to London to the Irish embassy last year to talk Irish design, I decided - this would be something I was really going to commit to. Over the years we have had some really famous Irish talent make massive waves in international fashion. It's encouraging to see JW Anderson featured for his knitwear and doing collaborations with Topshop, its downright brilliant to see Simone Rocha at London Fashion Week (sickened I couldn't make my invite to her first show!!) and its a great thing all together to see Brown Thomas featuring Irish design alongside the big names.

Anyway, back to bow ties....

Menwear has never really interested me. I find it so dull as men don't really go in for the same things that interest me about womenswear - namely bright colors, dresses and interesting tights. Some do, some don't. The majority of it is grey, earthy colors. I find this is changing as men are becoming more and more fashion involved and there are some brands that are really changing how this is done. Rory Hutton's bow ties are part of this change. Quirky, colorful and featuring interesting prints brings a splash of color to the most grey of shirts. I was impressed via the website to learn how many different styles there are and also, via a google search, how many people love them.

I've chosen a few of my favorites:
 It goes far beyond the bow ties though as Rory also makes wallets, pocket squares and gift sets.
 Now with Brown Thomas as a stockist, the take over is complete! You can also find his designs at his website which is accessible here and also, at Fortnum and Mason in London.

The Marvel Rooms at Brown Thomas are back!

Ah Christmas.......

The Marvel Rooms has reopened at Brown Thomas bringing its usual display of well chosen quirky gifts. Incase you haven't been before then the Marvel Rooms has a wonderful selection of quirky little things (and some big purchases!) that are perfectly chosen to suit every gifting need.

What I love about the MR is that it has a wide variety of price points as well. You can find €600 bags next to €29 dog bowls! Its not just exclusive to those looking for Tom Ford bags - although I don't think any of us would turn down a Christmas gift of that!!! I do love that USB car drive and I might even consider one for my dad for Christmas!

The Marvel Rooms are open now!
Givenchy Single Pearl Tusk Earring €450
Happy House Cat Bowl €29.99

Moschino Quilted Bag €535
Aston Martin USB Stick €35
Aesop Aromatherapy Body Balm £80 500ml
Rory Hutton bow tie €85

OPINION : How much damage is our celebrity obsession doing?

While I am as guilty as any of us for enjoying a bit of celebrity gossip from time to time, a status from a friend on facebook made me think, when is too much?

He commented that for all of us who shed a tear over Robin Williams tragic passing earlier this year, why do we get upset about that yet laugh at the antics of Amanda Bynes?

I agree.

Mental illness comes in many forms. If the stories of Amanda Bynes are true and seemingly, as she has been admitted to an institution, they are - then why is it any different?

I have found the relentless reporting on Bynes a bit cruel and heartless to be honest. It is the same as Britney Spears when she shaved her head. The paps were on her at every moment and everything she did became a speculation about how she had lost her mind. On one hand, they complained about child stars and the pressure being too much and how they crack then on the other hand, they hounded her day and night.

Our taste for celebrity gossip, is it out of hand?

This goes hand in hand with the recent nudes of certain celebrities. Surely a celebrity is entitled to some privacy and I agree that the release of those images is a criminal offense and a sex crime. But we have fueled the desire for these sort of things by buying the magazines, clicking the links and reading time and time again about celebrities.

When it comes to mental illness though, the attention can be dangerous, unjustified and a little sick. I agree that Bynes sounds ill and the images of her with the wig and the piercings is a little disturbing. But all the tweets that sounded delighted at outing her strange behaviour in New York and all the students at the fashion college she was attending coming forward to sell their stories about her lack of work and weed smoking is just sick.

Instead of enjoying the images of someone who is ill and pointing the finger going, dear god, can we just leave her alone to recover?

The hypocrisy in the media is shocking. A magazine will give out stink about celebrities who over diet but will quite happily splash a front cover that tells us just how much weight someone has gained and that they should feel ashamed. Oh and this brings me to the recent slamming of Renee Zellweger as well. She stepped out for the first time in ages to promote a new film and nothing was said of the movie - there was too much talk about how weird she looked or how different. She does, admittedly, look different. However this is aging. I don't look like I did at 18 now that I am 29. No one does! But take a second to think about how awful that must have felt to open papers and see all these comments and articles to the point where you have to release a statement about how you look? 

Mental illness comes in many shapes and forms. It can be depression, mania or many more things. We have recently seen just how dangerous it can be with the suicide of Robin Williams which was shocking. It is dangerous when it is not discussed but is also dangerous when it is not discussed properly. We all feel pressure, depression and certain mental disorders from time to time but it is when it is not dealt with that it becomes worrying.

So yeah, past this post, I will not and do not post about Bynes and other forms of it in a negative light or feature images of someone in a dangerous mental state.

I also encourage any of my readers who are feeling distressed to seek help and talk about it.



OCC are getting quite the mention on my site this morning! I am excited to find this: The OCC lip tar PRO PICKS PORTABLE!

A range of shades hand picked by PROS so you can mix, match and mess to your hearts content! Love it!

I need this in my life. I am not sure what size the lip tars are but if they are full size then the price tag of $59 at Sephora is nothing! The individual price is £12.50 each!

If you've never worked with OCC before then you need to get into it. They have a real color pay off, come in vibrant colors, metallic and matte finishes, staying power is excellent and also.....they come with a cute mini brush.

What more do you need?

The Urban Decay Naked Vault

God the want I have for this is not even funny......

This is the NAKED VAULT from Urban Decay. It has every single NAKED product in it. Oh, and it is £250.......Worth it.

To buy all the products individually costs more so to buy this vault would save you around £100. If your looking to start a kit then this would be a worth investment as the NAKED palettes do a lot of shoots with me and also, bridal.
I think Selfridges have a waiting list for good luck with that!!!

To buy Illamasqua or not to buy Illamasqua.....that is the question.....

 I am obsessed with lipstick colors lately.

A girl yesterday inspired me by wearing the Apocolips lipstick by Illamasqua. Naturally, I asked her multiple questions and decided on the spot to buy it- MINE!

However I have three Illamasqua lipsticks and.....the verdict is not good. I have a navy, a black and a purple. I am not happy. I find the colors a bit naff, streaky, drying and they bleed. Oh and the company didnt seem to do lip pencils that matched. I looked on the website and seemingly not! So I am wary about buying yet another color that I might not wear in a formula that I am not sure of.

I am considering, OCC lip tars in various shades. This all depends on Selfridges and their stock. I want Pagan which is a dark plum shade, Technopagan which is the metallic blueish purple above and Vain, the dark teal. This doesn't solve my issue of getting the color of Apocolips without buying Illamasqua.
 It is worth noting that NYX cosmetics do an entire range of lipsticks in their wicked line that have a few shades and also, a teal green too in their Macaroon range. Considering the cost of these, I could do a few at once. I know its the American site only and not the UK one so that comes down to shipping costs!
 So the above lips are the OCC and below is the Illamasqua shade. Sigh....wait for it, I'll come back from London with it on. Telling you now....

Friday, October 24, 2014

RADIO JOURNAL: First Show Jitters

So I did my first shift with URN this week!

I was surprised at how easy some of it came to me. Granted I spent the best part of last year pressing the same buttons at a different radio station but I had had a year off as well. It came back relatively easy and I was happy with how the show flowed.

I'm back again next week on Tuesday night from 11-1am! I really do need more training in one area though.....I need to learn how to use the software that imports my playlist because I've never used it before!!! I used to do daytime radio in which all the music was preloaded onto a list for me and all the songs were click and drag.

I am enjoying having to put effort into choosing my tracks as well since I no longer have to play chart music. GOD. SEND.

I will be posting links, twitter pages and everything in the coming few days but since I have some serious deadlines due, I am under pressure to get everything sorted!!!!

I have my six month review at university (after only almost 2 years) in November and also, I am giving a talk at Lakeside Gallery as one of six students in various departments on my research so my speech needs to be learned off by heart. I am currently not at that stage!!!! Flash cards are being prepared! I'm so nervous!

So yeah next week is going to suck as I do my show on Tuesday night then into work first thing on Wednesday, finish work at 5.30 then straight out to the gallery for my talk. I don't know how I am going to manage, work on thursday then off to London on Friday first thing. ARGH. I best sleep this weekend like a demon to be ready for this!

Disturbia Clothing : The grown up goth wardrobe

 Anyone who has seen my wardrobe knows it's a little goth. Although I love my darker side and my goth clothing, I really hate goth websites. I hate them. It's too much lace, velvet and cringy things for my tastes. I rarely find things I like there. I have to ignore all the really overdone stuff first.

I was expecting to hate Disturbia clothing for the same reasons. I thought it would be a collection of lace riddled overdone girly goth stuff so I was surprised when I found, it's great. It's actually full of what I call - the grown up goth- clothing. There were some things I didn't find to my taste but the majority of it was really great. Shockingly as well, there was a really reasonable price point as the majority of goth websites seem to think goths are made of money and that £134 is reasonable money for a hoody. I was delighted to find most things on the website for under £50! Deal!

It's sad to think i have grown up beyond my tartan wearing, lace loving, velvet admiring days but what can you do? I find these things look slightly wrong on almost 30 women and I while I still love a good dark black dress and chunky black boots combination - I am now more careful about what I choose to wear.
 Shipping seems reasonable too which makes internet shopping so much more easier in my eyes.
 You can find it here
 I really love that jumper. I love the jewelery as well. I am guessing its 'stylists own' because I can't find that necklace on the website! Oh well.

Alexander Wang for H&M collection has rules.

H&M have laid out the rules concerning the Alexander Wang for H&M collection which hits stores November 6th.

The rules :

No more then two items from the collection.
Items cannot be two different sizes.
No more then two accessories
Accessories cannot be returned.

Is anyone else not feeling this? It's been ages since I have been excited about a designer collaboration with a high street store. I think its because I know 99.5% of this will end up on ebay at regular Wang prices....

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Oscar De La Renta has passed away

Sad news but Oscar De La Renta has passed away aged 82. RIP.

Monday, October 20, 2014

GUESS WHAT : I'm back on the radio!

So good news!

I have really really missed being a presenter on radio. I used to work for different stations in Ireland before having my own show on Fly Fm in Nottingham. I have been DYING to get back into it.

I went and tried out for University Radio Nottingham - URN - and I am pleased to report, I GOT IT!

My show will be Tuesday nights from 11pm - 1am weekly. I shall be playing a little bit of: The Strokes, Morrissey, Led Zeppelin, The who, We Cut Corners, Joy Division, The XX, Crystal Castles, Arcade Fire, The Vines, Daft Punk, David Bowie, Atmosphere, Saul Williams, Band of Skulls, The Big Pink, FKA Twigs, The Black Keys, Blondie, Deftones,The Doors, Bombay Bicycle Club, How to Dress Well, Cake, Tom Vek, Chvrches, The Teenagers, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Cranberries, Iggy Pop, Peaches,The cure, Fleetwood Mac, Foster the People....... to name a few....

I will be posting much more about this show when it starts and everything gets going but you can tune in and actually hear me speak! Joys!

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Karl Lagerfeld's cat has a beauty line. Why? Because.

I am getting a little sick of Karl Lagerfeld's cat. The fact that the thing has its own beauty line is proof that is now out of control.

I love cats as much as the next person but this is......a bit too far.....


 Freedom Jewelry at Topshop for Xmas. You can't go wrong. All of the necklaces seem to be around the £20 mark except for that stunner of a piece above which is, gulp, £80.

WINTER 14 : PRIMARK 2014/5

 I love how much fun the model is having in these images!

Yes folks, the Christmas and winter look books are here. To start things off, I thought we could all get a glimpse of the Primark offerings for winter. Just incase anyone is getting excited about those mouse ears in the top photo - they belong to the stylist and are not for sale! I know I was getting overly excited. I've wanted black mouse ears for ages now.

There is a real 80s and 90s feel to the collection which I like.

 I am really not sure how Primark shoppers will feel about the balloon headpiece but, maybe it will catch on?
 I really wish this image was larger because I've been dying to see what the toy car is. It almost looks like a bag.....however there is no price on it! It can't be a bag can it?
 I am also loving the large bows. I used to have a giant silver one which I wore to work - of course I did. I loved it. In fact, I don't know where that went. It's possibly still at the charity shop that I donated nine bags to recently because I can't see many people wanting a large silver bow.

I want that hat too. Mark my words, it won't fit me. I have the oddest shaped head for normal hats. I don't know how I feel about the jumper either. I like but I'm not sure if I would wear.....hmmm....

THE BEAUTY SPOT : Sugarpill cosmetics

 One of the things I love talking about with freelance MUAs is indie brands. Freelancers always (over a pint or six) know where its at and where the newest and most interesting places to shop are. There are a few that come up for negative reasons which I won't go into here but there are a few that have amazing reputations for being, well, amazing.

One of those is Sugarpill cosmetics. I have never had the chance to play with their stuff because, I live in Nottingham and its hard to come by here and I will not order off a brand without touching or swatching product first because, it could be awful.

I keep hearing wonderful positive things about the brand and I am inspired by their love (and lack of fear of ) bright colors. Something which most brands in the era of the NAKED palettes, shy away from. We need more colors!

I have rumors that Sugarpill is available in Camden at the minute and I am planning on a trip to Camden myself in the next few weeks! What a great chance! I don't really have any colors I am aiming for in particular but the colors I have featured here have grabbed my attention! Typically, the ones I want are sold out online but, meh, guess I will have to chance a go in London then!

I cannot wait to try these out!
 I have so many great make-up places to visit. Although a portion of my shopping will have to go on clothes because I am in dire need of quite a few things! Skinny jeans being one thing! Oh and shoes! I am excited about so much!

These remind me of the Gareth Pugh for MAC lashes which were the only things that I wanted from the collection a few years back. I would have sold my soul for them but the collection didn't reach Ireland. Which was a bit sad. I wonder if I bought really thick lashes and chopped them would it feel or look the same?

We shall see! Although you can't loose at $7 a lash from Sugarpill.

Incase you wonder where to get Sugarpill, there is a full list of stockists on their website which can be found here

HALLOWEEN 14: Interior obsessions

There are multiple reasons why I love Halloween. I love the small ranges that stores bring out to decorate homes and yourself because, as a goth, I can't get access to these things normally. Shopping in goth shops actually brings me out in terrors because, well, most are very tacky places.

I was delighted to play shop the fantasy house shop with this afternoon. I place expensive items in an imaginary shopping bag then don't click buy. I think this helps me as some form of weird therapy deal with living in a house I like but is temporary and being single!!!

So here are the skull related Halloween decor items that I found that I want :

I love wall stickers. I don't know if they can be removed easily or not at all though! I would be a bit worried in rented accomodation that they wouldn't come off!

I sense a theme in that I am a very morbid and sick individual.......I also really like skulls. A lot. I have just done a head count (sorry) and there are currently - four skulls in this one room. I need more. I need lots more.

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