Tuesday, March 31, 2015

I bought some new lunch boxes because I'm sad....

 I've been meaning to pick up some lunch boxes for work in recent weeks. I just haven't found anything I actually like.

I also need a coffee mug for travelling as well but enough about that struggle.

I was delighted to find both of these lunch boxes in the sale in Urban Outfitters (where I do not normally shop) for £3! They come in two colors and they are big enough to fit my sandwich in. Result!

I did get some stackable treat boxes from there too but sadly there is no picture to add to that as I couldn't find any! However there are four boxes - one inside the other- for £5 in the sale. They had a few of them left in Nottingham but sadly, quite a few are damaged.

I would be half tempted to go back and grab another few as I already love mine! No more battered sandwiches!

Botantics Micellar water is half price in Boots

I'm a huge fan of micellar water.

I have the Darphin version at the moment but I'm slightly unhappy that for the money it cost - it will not cut through my eye make up. Which it is supposed to be able to do.

I decided to pick up some of the cheaper versions and test them against the expensive version. I noticed that Boots do a Micellar water in their Botanics range. I've picked up a bottle of it and I'm impressed - although the task wasn't too heavy.

It had to remove eyebrows and eyeliner only. It cut through both easily but the real task will be once I have mascara and foundation on.

However, at the moment, Boots have a half price sale on Botanics so the water only cost me £2.25 which is a bargain!

I'm considering going back and stocking up on more for my kit!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

OPINION : Gender neutral dressing and the rise of the trend

What baffles me at the moment, is the numerous posts and stories about how women are being affected by androgynous dressing.

There are so many blogs with people talking about the poor women who have always dressed this way being affected by people jumping on the bandwagon because its cool.

Erm.....what about,

1 - How many people now have septum piercings or fake septum because Vogue said it was cool?
2 - How many people who were already goth were pissed off when goth became cool?
3 -  How do hipsters feel about hipster lifestyle being made fun of?
4 - How do band geeks feel when normals wear their band T-shirt for fashion? (ans- it pisses me right off)

The list could go on but frankly, get over it. Fashion takes inspiration from all street trends. This sort of dressing is years old. If you go back to the 1970s then David Bowie was all over this sort of dressing. We all do it and this is how YSL brought in the suit for the women.

No one owns a particular style or subculture. Its just another form of belonging. One we all need to take a chill pill over.


Actually, this leads me nicely onto the topic of gender dressing. I was happy to see the recent change to the jeans in H&M. The style more frequently referred to as 'boyfriend jean' is now being labelled 'girlfriend jean' which makes me happy.

I don't know why the term boyfriend jean pissed me off as much as it did but I think it has something to do with the heteronormative associations (that a girl has borrowed her boyfriends clothing) and the fact that 'boyfriend' jeans are incredibly comfortable and one of the more comfortable styles of jeans. This to me highlights that mens clothing is cut to be comfortable rather then the restrictive style of women's clothing. Take a moment to think of every pair of jeans you have had that have hurt or if you need further convincing then think of women's underwear vs boxers. You see? Thong vs boxers. I am betting there are not many men pulling their underwear out of their crack every five seconds at work or risking cystitis for the sake of sexy.

Interestingly, a lot of the articles about gender neutral dressing are referring to recent comments made by Ellen Page about her sexuality. Page came out as a lesbian a while back and spoke about the pressures of dress

“I used to feel this constant pressure to be more feminine; a quiet or sometimes not-so-quiet demand,” she said of her experience with fashion before publicly coming out last year. “You need to wear a dress or people will think you’re gay. Now I feel a sense of freedom in dressing, and I’m enjoying it so much.”

Sexuality and gender are linked. It's an interesting point which Sophie Wilkinson spoke about in her piece for the Guardian newspaper entitled: 'Butch Chic: how the gender -neutral trend has ruined my wardrobe' which you can find here. I'm interested in this because being bisexual, how I dress has had an impact on my experiences of 'the scene'. When I first started going out on the scene, I would monitor how I dressed much more then going to straight bars. I did this because, I often got verbal abuse and looks for dressing in skirts, dresses or as the femme I am. I'm not the most feminine of dressers. I prefer a skinny black jean and a Run Dmc vest to a nice ladylike skirt. However, my dress and my make up attracted attention as it was different from the 'uniform' I saw around me. I am guessing that a lot of women use dress to belong. Sexuality is not a subculture or a gang or anything like that - far from it. I am not suggesting it. However, it does signify that you belong and you are part of it. I used to joke that straight men found my dress sense off putting and so did bi/gay women. I possibly wasn't wrong.

In recent years, I've seen a relaxing of the uniform. I don't know if this is because I no longer care about it or if, things are changing. Sexuality is more open and non labelled then it has ever been. We've come a long way in a few short years. I don't feel I need to dress a certain way to go out on the scene and be seen as a gay/bi woman. I just go in what I feel comfortable in. Which is normally skinny jeans and a Run DMC vest - that vest goes everywhere with me - and I'm just me. I think its not about having to communicate non verbally with each other anymore but simply enough to just be us. 

I know I will possibly get killed for this article. However, I'm all for it. If women want to wear suits then so be it. It's great. If men want to wear skirts then let them. Who cares? 

American Apparel don't hire Instagram 'hoes' apparently.

American Apparel. Another day another stupid move.

So the company have sent out a casting call for its first set of adverts since Paula Schneider took the helm and started to 'clean up' the company image. I am guessing there is a long road ahead since the company asked for 'no hoes' need apply.

Styleite posted the advert from the company which reveals some choice wording -

“Company is going through a rebranding image so will be shooting models moving forward real models. not Instagram hoes or thots [thots = that hoe over there.]”

The company photogenius posted the advert on behalf of American Apparel and what they mean is the women who take photos of themselves on Instagram in sexy poses to boost their careers. Which also means (mostly) amateur models with no representation from formal agencies. Which could have been worded as such to avoid causing offence. 

The company have since said that the comment was in jest with the models that it shoots and was in no way meant offensively. The problem with this is that not all models are 'in' on the joke and it is offensive. It's offensive that women are (yet again) being referred to as sluts or whores. 

If you want to be taken seriously and change your image then you need to change all of it. You cannot remove women acting sexually from your adverts and then condemn their behaviour (which you encouraged and funded) by using damaging descriptive wording. Oh and remove nipples and pubic hair from adverts for fear of offending people.

So using words like slut or hoe is okay but showing a woman's natural pubic hair and nipples is beyond offensive?!?!?!? Bit of a mixed message really.

Monday, March 23, 2015

Vidal Sassoon Shoot - photos are back! Illumanti shoot

 My shots of my latest shoot came back this morning and I am so proud! This was the Illumanti shoot for Vidal Sassoon two weeks ago.

God, its strange to think that was almost two weeks ago! Jesus! Where does the time go!??!?

I'm really proud of how this one turned out and I can't wait to do it again in a month! Although it will be a different theme this time.

I'm so proud!

So here are credits where credits are due :

Hair by Vidal Sassoon Nottingham
Photos by Forecast Designs
Make up by Penny Dreadful

Alternative Punk Rock Disney Princesses

 I really like these!

I had a quick look around Pulp clothing today as I've just discovered their Nottingham branch. Which is upstairs in Victoria Centre incase anyone is wondering. I was initially impressed with their band T-shirts which are slightly more interesting then waiting for Topshop to stop being sued by Rihanna and produce better shirts.

I then came across these - punk rock Disney Princesses! LOVE IT! I really enjoy it. I'm seriously sick of Disney princesses as a concept and these help. £14.99 from Pulp
 Which you can find here


I'm back on air tomorrow night from 11-1am with the Indie Show!

This will be our last show for a few weeks due to mid term and all that jazz!

I'm planning the very best of tunes and talk for a two hour long blow out special! I'm also planning to have a red bull as well to keep me awake!

Tune in at www.urn1350.net to get some tunes!

Marc By Marc Jacobs will cease to exist


Marc by Marc Jacobs will be no more. The company has announced that it will be dissolved into the Marc Jacobs brand for future collections and will cease to exist. This follows a long line of designers deleting their younger lines to concentrate on their main collections.

Frankly, it makes fashion weeks easier to write about.

I did however, enjoy the Marc by Marc J line. I liked how much fun it was. In fact, I think I preferred it to the normal line. I know there has been a load of buzz about it lately due to the appointment of Kate Hillier and Luella Bartley for Marc by Marc. This was of course down to the excitement over what the team would produce and how it would go for Bartley as her first design gig since Luella folded.

There is uncertainty about the future of the line as other reports say that the company are moving it around and no one seems too sure about what is happening. It is expected that Hillier will stay with Marc Jacobs in some role but its unclear what will happen to Bartley. Which is quite sad as it was exciting to see Bartley back in a design role.

What is interesting was the added fact that Marc Jacobs owns such a small percentage in his company. LVMH who own MJ (and a lot of other brands) have recently acquired more stakes in the company which takes its stake up to 80%! Which means that Robert Duffy (business partner of MJ) and Marc have 10% each.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Etsy Love : Hysteria Machine

 I came across this Etsy page recently and fell in love with the pieces. I do like quirky jewelry and I'm  often the worst at buying it. I don't know why but I am very bad at jewellery buying.

I do need to start because my jewelry box is not good. It's got a couple of old Topshop things in there rotting away surrounded by a sea of body jewellery. I do spend money on body jewellery because of the multiple amounts of piercings that I have.

However, the Hysteria Machine page has made me fall in love with a few pieces which I am again....waiting for pay day for. I love the Fox jaw necklace, the skull earrings and the skull rings the most. I do love a good head piece but I rarely get a chance to wear them nowadays. Sadly. I miss it though. I would love the fox jaw necklace in silver. So I am giving some really consideration to that.

 The antlers are interesting me for photoshoots as well. I love the idea of doing a shoot with a pair. I would do a bleached out effect with the make up, body painting and adding an all white effect. I would even considered completely black contact lenses. Why not?

 The prices range from £10+ which is reasonable. So there is something there for all budgets. While the headpieces are more expensive - the work that goes into making something that beautiful makes it justified. I love them.

You can find the page here and happy shopping!
(side note. if my computer auto changes the word e t s y into easy one more time!!!)

The end is nigh.....I'm off the fags....almost

I'm quitting smoking at the moment.

I know I have posted before about how much I enjoy smoking so this seems a little...strange. However, the end is nigh. I have bronchitis which I cannot shift and things are not working on. I'm on an inhaler after two rounds of antibiotics. You trust justifying smoking after that!!!

I can't.

I always said I would quit before I was 30. If I don't do it now then when will I do it? A lot of the things I said I would quit before have already passed and I am still smoking. I want out. I can't use E cigs or vapes because of the state of my chest at the moment but with my 30th approaching bloody fast....I can't keep going.

I am on Champix.

I know there are plenty of people who have nothing nice to say about these drugs and plenty of people who do. I'm excited about it. I'm on day three and I've already noticed a difference in my cravings and smoking. Last night at the pub - I sat with no cravings from 6.30 - 11.30 and had two fags. Normally, in a pub I would have been chain smoking those fags. Practically lighting one off the other if I could. However, I noticed, I didn't feel the need to get up and smoke. It occurred to me that I could but there was no pressing need to go out. I am feel positive about this.

I am also re reading Alan Carr as well. Just for good measure.

I worked out that I spend a grand total of - £648 per year on tobacco. Seriously. This is where my money for nice clothes and holidays are going. I am all excited. I am going to start putting aside the money I save from my quit date and treat myself to a new pair of sunglasses.

See the below post!

Having to contemplate sunglasses? Me too

Since I no longer have Ray bans due to a theft a year ago - its time to start thinking about sunglasses.

I miss my sunglasses. I have always loved Raybans and really want to get another pair. However, I've been looking at non wayfarers for a while in the hope that I might find other styles that I like.

Thank you to a reader who sent a link to where I might find those flip up glasses! I was really pleased - turns out Nasty Gal stock 'em and they are also on sale! If they manage to stay on sale for a bit longer then I'll give a purchase when I get paid!

The above glasses are Alexander Wang which are on sale for a cool £230 at Shopbop. I think if I was going to spend money on glasses then it would totally be the Wayfarers. It's a no brainer at £120 for a pair vs £230 for these. I love these but I could never spend that much - I'd be terrified of being robbed every five seconds!

So here is what I am considering from Nasty Gal as a replacement sunglasses until I feel justified in buying wayfarers....

Quay Invader Shades £26
Keep the peace circle shades £13
Quay Frankie Shades £26
Komono Dreyfuss shades £65

Still undecided. I cannot decide if I want winged shades or circular ones. I know with a round face - circular are not always the best choice for me.....it seems to make the problem worse!


Ray bans it is then...

Friday, March 20, 2015

My new hair! Going silver grey blue!

 Sorry for the terrible selfies but I got my hair did! I decided on a total change since life has totally changed for me. Luckily, the girls at Vidal Sassoon also agreed and did a wonderful job on making my hair healthy and full of life!

I did have a reshape done and a color change! I am now this beautiful shade of blue grey. I love it. I can't believe I waited to do this! SO HAPPY!
 It is a small step in the right direction! I'm planning on changing things in my life that I don't like. My hair is the first to go. I'm so happy. I've been so miserable since the summer and now I feel as if I'm more positive again thanks to some changes I've made lately. I also hated my horrible roots!
Also having more sleep has made a world of difference. I was working so hard. I decided to take a small break from college to deal with stress and exhaustion before returning in September. I was initially embarrassed by this as I felt it marked me out as unable or weak. However, I now think the opposite. I think it shows strength to admit that your not at your best and knowing when to walk away for a bit is wonderful. I had gotten to the point of knackered and unable to cope so its nice to have time for people and places now.

The American Apparel clean up - models are now not allowed nipples....

Well, small steps?!?!??!

We've been following the progress that American Apparel have been making with the recent appointment of a new CEO, Paula Schneider. This comes after the Dov era of scandal, sexual harassment lawsuits and overly sexual advertising. We did report a few weeks ago that AA seemed to be making progress in removing the sex from its advertising and stores and that they were keen to clean up their image. However, it seems smaller steps have begun to take effect and its a bit odd.

Two days ago, the Advertising Standards Authority reported an advert from the company for sexual content involving an underage model which seems like the old days but now, nipples and pubic hair have been photoshopped from the website.

- An old and new image from the website

AA under Dov had a 'show it like it is' policy so pubic hair and nipples were left on models that are wearing underwear on its website. Now, the models appear as mannequins on the website.

It's a weird shame. I don't believe that you need over sexual advertising which seems to target women more then men however, in this day and age, leaving pubic hair and nipples on models seems almost progressive in a world where people think a full wax is normal. It seems odd. I feel almost as if its a damned if you do and damned if you don't situation for them. They do need change but is removing body parts and body hair  removing sexual content?? Or simply just in line with more of the same from the high street?

I think it needs more thought and more action. I don't think the pubic hair is the issue - its the portrayal of women in adverts and store. It's about the safety of the female employees in their store which has, in the past not been looked after. The expose which appeared online a few months back confirmed that the female employees are subject to some seriously dodgy behaviour.

It's going to take a lot more then pubic hair removal to get people back in stores. AA does have some positive though, it has a wonderful stance on LGBT issues (legalise gay t-shirts, support and also featuring LGBT people in campaigns) and also, has American made policies which employ locally. It also has great stance on green issues as well with employee bike schemes to get employees biking to work rather then driving. These are all positives. However, the positive outweighs the negative and this is the problem.

More needs doing.

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Dolce & Gabbana have employees resigning over recent comments

I respect the hell out of this.

The head of Dolce and Gabbana's in house magazine has resigned over the recent comments the designers made to an Italian magazine this week. The post of the actual comments is below if your interested.

Frederico said it was a clear but difficult decision as he has been at the helm of the English language online magazine since 2008.

"I believe that fashion designers should stay in their own routes simply designing clothes, even if Stefano and Domenico always successfully aimed in putting their own personal values into their collections,"

"recent personal opinions expressed by the two designers in the interview for Panorama magazine regarding the idea of family and the way human beings can create their own families, values that are central in the public italian political debate, are in total conflict with my personal believes and with my commitments towards civil rights in my country."

I am always impressed by those who take a stand for what they believe in and this is amazing. It's really sending a message that people will not tolerate homophobia as it comes in many forms. 

We've been discussing the comments on the Facebook page and a lot of you guys feel very strongly about it. 76% in a recent poll said they will be voting YES in the gay marriage referendum in Ireland on May 22nd. Which is good news. However online vote polls are not a source of confirmed votes. I'm really proud to see people getting behind it and sending a message that people do not tolerate hate/inequality in 2015.

The fastest way to send a message to companies that continue to display unethical behaviour is to simply stop shopping there. Shopping in a store which continues to behave in such a manner is sending the signal that you are okay with their beliefs and behaviours. I disagree with American Apparel and their overly sexual advertising - so I stopped shopping there. I and many others which means that their sales fell so badly that they needed pay outs and bail outs. This also meant that they had to look into the company and it revealed the Dov situation which lead to him being fired and replaced by a female CEO which could mean a change for the company.

I understand that the beliefs of the designers have lead to these comments but they are damaging. It sends a message to LGBT persons that while inequality is a thing and we deny gay marriage that we are less then the straight community. While I am comfortable with my sexuality now after years of not being as cool with it - there are plenty of LGBT youths who are being bullied, committing suicide and struggling as they are bombarded with messages telling them they are simply not as good as their straight counterparts. Telling someone that you can get married - just not to a person of the same sex is telling someone that their inner self is wrong. I do not choose to be bisexual - I just am. I had sexual/emotional feelings towards women from the moment I started being interested in dating. I've always been that way. I didn't wake up and decide to be bisexual for the craic - I would like the chance to be seen as equal. 




Monday, March 16, 2015

Why people are boycotting D&G and you should care too

So this has happened......

Equality and the race for rages on within the LGBT community. It's a big year for Irish LGBT as we (yes I include myself as a huge massive bisexual) fight to get the right to get married. The vote takes place on the 22nd of May. I urge anyone who reads this blog to get involved, get off Facebook and actually vote.

But that aside (the blog will be becoming a little more political over the next few months as we gear up for the vote) the fight has mainly been seen as we vs them. Those for yes and those for no. It's rare that we see someone fighting the fight for no from within the LGBT camp.

I was interested to see the recent comments from Dolce and Gabbana concerning gay parenting and gay marriage which have caused a stir. Surely, as gay men, this is a strange standpoint to have?

The designers branded gay parenting as 'unnatural' and 'synthetic' in a recent interview. Well, I say recent but their views have been on record as far back as 2006 but this has hit the headlines due to the  more recent comments.

Their comments have rattled Elton John (who I have learned is 67 - 67!) who blasted the designers for their viewpoint and also, started the hashtag encouraging people to boycott the designers.

“How dare you refer to my beautiful children as “synthetic?”  

"warning “I shall never wear Dolce and Gabbana ever again. #BoycottDolceGabbana.”

The boycott has indeed started with the support of other designers, celebrities and drag queens who are now tweeting the hashtag and boycotting their shows/designs. The designers have released a statement on Sunday which does little to make any difference. “It was never our intention to judge other people’s choices. We do believe in freedom and love.” 
The comments were originally made in an Italian magazine Panorama. Here are some of the highlights : 

"The only family is the traditional one. No chemical offsprings and rented uterus: life has a natural flow, there are things that should not be changed."

"Procreation "must be an act of love," Domenico Dolce says,  "I call children of chemistry, synthetic children. Uteri [for] rent, semen chosen from a catalog."

"The family is not a fad," adds Stefano Gabbana. "In it there is a supernatural sense of belonging."

Oh and here is a highlight from 2013 :

“What?! Never!” they answer in chorus, “I don’t believe in gay marriage.” Dolce laughs. In Catholic Italy, has their sexuality proved a problem? “No, never,” says Dolce. “The fashion industry is full of gays.”

And incase you were wondering, the original statement from 2006 :

"I am opposed to the idea of a child growing up with two gay parents."

That was to the Daily Mail. 

Good luck lads - your going to need it. 

In the meantime, #boycottdolceandgabbana rages on and I (and this blog) support it. 


Lotil - a good kit staple

I am obsessed with skincare. If you have read this blog at any point then you will appreciate how obsessed with skincare I am. I don't believe you can have nice make up or flawless base without looking after your skin first. I also think that you cannot attempt to wear make up without something to remove it or care for your skin after it.

The great side of my job as a make up artist is that I get to trial run, test, play, mess and use all manner of skincare from everywhere. This shows me what works and what doesn't work. I also get second opinions from clients, customers and friends as well. It's all fine and well what I think but my clients need to know what suits their skin.

So I was interested to try Lotil for many reasons. The main reason being that it would be a fantastic addition to my kit for those clients suffering from dry skin. In fact, not just dry skin by Eczema. I have a few clients with the condition that are always looking for something, anything to help their skin.

I have to say that the first product I tried was the lip balm. I was in desperate need of a lip balm since my own Origins one was coming to an end and this was perfectly timed. I loved it. I do not like oily lip balms and I prefer one that protects from harsh weather with a thicker layer. This was perfect for me. It is odourless and colourless as well which is perfect considering the smell of my current balm is turmeric which is a little overpowering! I also prefer stick lip balms to pots as well since they accumulate less grit and dust in a handbag as well. I use the balm when walking (I walk everywhere) and also as a treatment on clients. If you apply lip balm at the start of the appointment then you allow it time to sink into the skin and then you can wipe and apply lipstick at the end.

The next product to try was the foot cream. I work in make up retail as well as make up freelance which means I am constantly on my feet. A lot of retail people complain about back and feet problems and I am really aware of my awful feet. I neglect them. So I was really excited to try this. I've never had a cream for my feet before! I decided to leave it on overnight after massaging it into my skin and then popping socks over the top of it. I thought the socks might be stop the cream from transferring onto bed sheets! I was impressed with how soft my feet felt afterwards! This one is going to be for my own personal use as I don't normally deal with client's feet! The foot cream also has aloe vera in it as well so its perfect for healing and softening hard skin. God knows my feet have plenty dry skin - sorry but retail destroys your feet. I look forward to using this at night as well as my usual creams.

One of the things I was really interested in when researching Lotil as a brand was that they mention that their products can be used on diabetics, persons recovering from chemotherapy and ecemza. Its a difficult thing for persons with extremely dry skin to find really good products. Also impressively, it forms a barrier as well which prevents infection as well. It's not a  cure but it does help. Another good point to note is that the products are really not expensive and available through Boots. Good skincare doesn't need to cost a small fortune to run!

Sunday, March 15, 2015

WATCH THIS : Fashion documentaries

I came across this documentary in my usual documentary trawl on youtube recently!

Now, it is from 2000 and filmed in 1999 so it is 15 years out of date! But I was interested to see the changes. If your into fashion then you'll spot the differences immediately and if your not, then here is a list that I spotted!

1 -  Tom Ford at Gucci
2 - Karl Lagerfeld is, erm, well see for yourself
3 - It's pre size 0 and the Vogue BMI agreement so there are some comments on weight which I am not sure would fly in a docu today. However, if you watch the September issue which is 2001 then there are still some 'honest truths' about weight in there. Not to mention the Sienna Miller tooth incident....
4 -  John Galliano is at his height there pre fall.

I found it interesting but again, it's 15 years old!

I then found this :

It's a BBC documentary on super brands. A look into the super brands of the fashion industry. It's good but I have one complaint - the narrator guy (no better term comes to mind sorry!) is beyond annoying. I've seen a few documentaries with him in it and I still cannot bring myself to listen to him without thinking....Godddddddddd......Some of the points they make are interesting though so its worth a watch.

If your interested in any of the above points and fancy some further reading then look into 'No Logo' by Naomi Klein which is awesome and makes many of the same points much before documentaries like this. It's really interesting as a read.

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Armani have gorgeous new shades for Spring

 I really love the new Armani collection of color for Spring Summer 2015.

Giorgio Armani Maharajah Collection for Spring 2015

I love the colors of those lipsticks. DAMN! I am really loving purple at the moment. I'm always loving purple so that should come as no shock. However, the visual selling the products is as dull! I really find most cosmetic advertising leaves me completely bored. I don't care about seeing just a face. Do something different! I wish cosmetic adverts were like handbag or clothing adverts with a bit of life in them!
To be fair - MAC and Illamasqua have this down to a fine art with their advertising.

Kylie Jenner is selling anti wrinkle creams......to 17 year olds

I really detest Kylie Jenner.

There are multiple reasons why I don't like it but most of it is related to this vacuous, empty selfie driven display of narcism that the Kardashians seem to include in their brand.

I also understand though, that Kylie Jenner is big business. She sells stuff. This stuff is whatever beauty product they can get her to lie about and say that she uses. Normally, this just makes me roll my eyes and ignore it. Her face is easily ignored when you decide that you don't need beauty advice off a 17 year old and you just get on with life.

However, this morning I read that she is selling Nip Fab products. Their anti wrinkle products to be exact. Apparently she has been using this for a year now. Yeah, thats right - since she was 16! I smell bullshit on this one.

No one under that age needs anti wrinkle cream. I agree with moisturiser and a good skincare routine but anti ageing? No way. I don't believe it for one second. I think this is a business agreement between Jenner and the company in which they are desperate to promote their anti wrinkle cream. However having chosen a 17 year old to do it means it doesn't really come off as a genuine fan more a sales move.

It also annoys me for two reasons :

1 - I will not be buying it now. I was interested in it before (as you may recall there was a post here before about the product) I will not support a product that tells a 17 year old girl that they need wrinkle cream and also, by buying it - I feed into the notion that Jenner can sell me something and therefore that the company were right to invest in a Kardashian to promote it. Only by not spending your money in a place can you truly bring about change.

2 - I worry about what this is going to do to all those teenage girls who absorb any Kardashian news as gospel. Mind you - there are 20-something girls also guilty of this too. I worry about where this is going to take us. I really hope that its not going to be YET ANOTHER THING that women must obsess over that they don't really need.

So yeah.....can we please stop with this? Thanks.

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Cleaning brushes. Therapy for the weird

 I spent all day today cleaning brushes. Hard to believe in this photo but there are about 40 brushes in this pouch. Not to mention dishes, lash applicators and spatulas. Hard slog. I had used every single one of them in the shoot and I had to pull black eyeshadow out of difficult brushes.

Anyone know where these glasses are from?

I love these glasses.

I have no idea where they are from but I love them. Does anyone know?

Nottingham Indie Fashion Week is here

Loads of wonderful stuff happening with the Nottingham Indie Fashion Week this week. Last night saw the Fabric of Nottingham at St. Marys Church. There appears to be nothing on tonight but tomorrow is Filled in at Rough Trade

Trial for Vidal Sassoon

 Monday saw me do a trial for Vidal Sassoon for a show on Tuesday (which I have now done!) and boy was it hard work!

The theme was Illumanti which I was delighted with. I love anything like that so I was all over it. I took the inspiration for the make up from a shoot in M Store magazine from 2012. The name of the shoot was Vestal by Ida Kyllerman. I loved that shoot and have wanted to recreate it for years now.
 So for the practise run, we did the most difficult make up first which gave me the idea of timing and also what we would do to get the time down for the other models. This was the centre piece make up for one model.
 I hate that contour. The product really didn't photograph well despite not appearing like a giant block on the skin in person. I used MAC Coffee Walnut which was a darker color. I wanted the contour to look sharp but decided not to use it at the last minute. I used Pure Sculpture by MAC as the model I actually had to work on on the actual day was lighter in skin tone.
 This is the great thing about trials though. You get to practise the make up and see what works and what doesn't ahead of time.
 Doing the line was hard. This is what I found.

1 - Use a matte foundation. There would have been too much absorb or slip in the creamy dewy ones for this to work. I used MAC Pro Long Wear foundation in NC15 here.

2 -  A sharp square brush is great for pulling the product down. I used the 191 brush from MAC. It is a square brush that can create a sharp line then pull the product down the face with it. I also used a smaller version of that brush.

3 - The line is made using Carbon eyeshadow by MAC and a black shadow by Urban Decay. I've also used contouring PRO powders from the MAC PRO store and finished off the line using a shimmer in gold to get a weird glimmer. I've also used Emphasis from MAC all over as well.
 My kit on standby!

 This is the original shoot. I tried forever to get that dreamy effect before realising it was a filter applied to the photo.

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