Sunday, September 28, 2014

Green Chelsea boots

I really like these Chelsea Boots from Topshop. I don't know if it is the color, the shape or the fact that they are just £40......

But there is something I quite like about them.....available here

Marc Jacobs sent his models down the runway - WITHOUT MAKE-UP.

SO everyone seems to be in a flap about the Marc Jacobs show where all the models went barefaced. As in, no make-up no make-up. Not even a sniff of BB cream was used.Grazia and HEAT have both declared the no make-up look is the new look with photos of multiple celebrities with no make-up on.

Correct me if I sound a little, well, bored of it.

I don't wear make-up on my days off. This business of the no face paint face is not an issue for me. I go to college with nothing on my skin - not even mascara. I work in an industry where I wear a lot of make-up for work and I would never turn up to work with nothing on.

However, I need to let my skin breathe on my days off. I also need time to recover and I don't have time in the mornings before uni to get my face on. Besides, I research in the politics department - who there cares about how well my foundation is blended to my face? No one.

In fact, the relaxed atmosphere of the college means that once I have splashed my face with water as I walk in and am quite disgusting after a 45 minute sprint (I am 6ft tall and I walk like a mad woman) and I sit at my desk and actually add a light moisturiser to my face so my skin heals while I work - sad but true!

Wearing no make-up for me, is not even a thing. It's just something I do. The only time I might add something is a little concealer if I have a spot that is really bad. I do it to make myself feel better and not because I care that someone else sees it.

I would welcome the chance to see others in less make-up. I think we all need to take a step back from the full coverage bullet proof make-up once in a while. I often see girls on a Wednesday morning in random places in a full face of really well executed (sometimes not) make-up and think, who has that kind of time for a Wednesday?? I also feel the same about false eyelashes which are an everyday staple item for most girls in Nottingham. I couldn't care less about them.  I wear them occasionally for a night out - nothing more.

So yeah, Marc Jacobs might actually start something but us basic bitches are thrilled. I can now say with feeling that my no make-up not bothered is actually on trend!

HALLOWEEN : The Best Halloween Products in my kit

 Halloween is almost here and I could not be more excited! Halloween is my favorite time of the year - naturally! I am a goth after all! I am really excited about the one time of the year when I get theatrical make-ups without question and the chance to really play around.

This year is even more exciting as I have a whole ton of molding to do to make fake zombie bits which I haven't really ever done before. However, there is a whole heap of fantastic product out there for you to use if your not really experienced with Halloween or SP FX make-ups.

So here is what I carry in my kit. I've chosen to ignore things like latex and fake blood because, thats a given!!!
 Kryolan Cosmetics wax sealer. I get so sick of wax either falling off or being a pain to paint over. So I invested in wax sealer recently.

 MAC Chromacake paints. These are hardcore bad ass face paints. I have three in cyan, yellow, red and magenta. I'm not really sure why I bought magenta because I should have chosen white or black but hey ho! I bought in New York when I was a bit blown away by COLOR! ALL THE COLOR! I was doing a festival make-up top up and just went mental with glitters and all the rest! Anyway, I usually keep a small bottle of water with these that I spritz to make sure they stay wet. If your not interested in paying a fortune for face paint then the Snazaroo range is not half bad but you will have to build them a lot more to get the same effect as these. At £5 a pop though, you can afford to build them more. I am not sure how much MAC charges for these.
 Kryolan wax sticks. These are fantastic for making brows vanish. I tend to use cheaper wax for sculpting with such as Snazaroo wax because these sticks are smaller and more expensive so I normally just use for smaller areas because it would cost a fortune otherwise! Take a small piece and glue down using spirit gum/eyebrow glue or press into place. Work quickly with wax because it melts with body temp so the more you handle it, the more difficult it gets.
 Kryolan old age stipple. Fantastic for old age make-ups. I would suggest having a sponge and also, the MAC concealer palettes are a fantastic partner for this as you can play with the lines of the face using darker palettes. I normally use the light palette for myself as I'm NC15 in MAC, so if I wanted to do darker lines then I would try the Medium Dark palette so it contrasts. Then just blend away! This is essentially a latex product so DO NOT USE good brushes with this because it will destroy them!!!
 Kryolan eyeblood. This I bought last year and I love it. It's exactly what it says on the tin - blood for your eyes. It doesn't sting to add. Although I would add some darker shadowing around the lashline as it can be a little too light a red when on the face to be a believable blood. It's fantastic for giving a really horrible effect!
 Kryolan tooth enamel. I have the black version of this which I used last year in a zombie make-up. It really is effective although a bit of a pain to use. It comes off with saliva so as you are just hanging out and drinking, it comes off. You don't really notice it but you need to have it with you to touch up. It does taste a bit funny but nothing too vile. Thank god it does come off but I wouldn't spend hours painting because it will peel off. I need to discover some way or something to make it stay put because you can paint it on to get even better effects. I like stippling or layering it on to get the decayed effect.

Duo Adhesive / Spirit Gum.

I recently watched a tutorial on where someone suggested sticking wax to the brows with spirit gum. I had a bit of a horrified reaction to that because, spirit gum is HARSH and I would imagine getting that off your brows to be a painful experience. However, for sticking things to the face (just not to the eye area or lash anywhere) you can't beat it. Eyelash glue can be a little light for some things to stick and isn't really designed to carry hardcore stuff. I really really love this stuff. I carry both in my kit. I would suggest going expensive on spirit gum as it does make a difference as the cheaper stuff is just awful - snazaroo make some and its awful.
Duo Adhesive is still the best lash glue I have ever worked with. End of. I normally use the white version and it's just great.
 MAC acrylic paints - These are wonderful things. They can be used to create finer lines in body painting and I have a few different colors that I am DYING to try out. I am thinking a sugar skull for Halloween this year because I have one party that starts just after work which leaves me very little time to get a costume together. These feature heavily in paints like that. They can be a little watery at first but I have found that the product in the lid that gathers is thicker and therefore easier to paint with so I use the paint on the lid with a very fine brush like the MAC 266, 210, 211 brushes to get extremely delicate lines.
I don't know how many of you are around Nottingham but Luvyababes is a great source of cheaper Halloween make-up with a range of stargazer, snazaroo and false lashes available. It also carries everything you could possibly need for costumes as well. It's on the top floor of the Victoria Center in Nottingham and there are a few more branches around the UK as well. I would advise going earlier in the month as the place is PACKED with queues out the door closer to Halloween. I have seen it. It looks grim!!!!

If your interested in the more expensive stuff or are just hardcore then to get the Kryolan stuff mentioned here, you can visit Tilt cosmetics in London, Make-up Forever branches occasionally have this stuff as well - I know the one on Claredon Street in Dublin has it.

To get the MAC PRO items, you will need a PRO MAC store. The best two I know of are in Soho and Covent Garden in London or if your in New York, there is a really fancy branch with an elevator which I have no idea how to get to! Sadly, because I've been there and it is AMAZING.

Sorry for the crap directions but I am not one for accurate directions!!!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Alexander Wang for H&M campaign is here

The Alexander Wang campaign for H&M is here....bask in its sporty glory......BASK I SAID! compare Kim K selfies to Stevie Nicks.....guess who wins?

 I had to laugh when I saw comparing Kim Kardashian's soul free selfies to the wonderful self portraits taken by Stevie Nicks.

As most of you know, Nicks is one of my idols and I also have a massive hatred for Kardashian Krap. I love the arty, creative and beautifully soulful snap on the left compared to the usual overly made up, self important, tits out snap on the right.

But then, what else does Kim K actually do besides this? Save the planet? Save the whales? write beautiful pop songs? inspire generations to be soulful creatures? write thoughtful lyrics that stand the test of time? Erm, I think this might be it.
The good news from Nicks is that this release of her self portraits marks a new album. The usual news from Kardashian is that once again she found a push up bra and a mirror.

Richard Nicoll Spring Summer 2015

A qucik glimpse of the new Richard Nicoll collection for Spring Summer 2015 was enough to interest me. The designer featured fibre optics in his collection from the Studio XO who also work with Lady Gaga.

I loved it. While talked about tinkerbell being the inspiration and so on so forth, the first thing I thought of was, jellyfish. Which possibly means, I'm loosing my mind. So, yeah, there is that!

The rest of the collection in normal light appears to be a gym to bar situation with a more muted palette. Minimalist too.

Gucci release a beauty collection

While couture is a purchase for very few and catwalk gear is not to everyone's taste, accessories, beauty and perfumes can really bring in a large amount of money for brands.

Handbags can be carried by anyone, perfumes sprayed anywhere but beauty, beauty can make the most frugal of women go a little nuts.

So Gucci are the latest brand to release a beauty collection following on from the introduction of beauty to brands such as Louboutin and Marc Jacobs early this year. I must say, those lipsticks look a little lush.....not to mention that turquoise eyeshadow.

While reviews, due to the newly released status, are few at the moment, I'm sure there will be a fair few over the coming months....

DECEMBER 14: Bare Minerals Gift Set

The first of the 'December' (Christmas) gift sets are in! Bare Minerals have released their lip gloss Roulette! A collection of nude and colorful lip glosses in a roulette set.

I'm still waiting for the next few to be released but, makes a nice little set for the gloss lovers amongst us. Me? I'm still holding out for a matte lip set!!!

Butterfly clips are back. You've been warned.

The horror that is, butterfly clips reappearing in Topshop. I had tons of these when I was a kid. I wore about twenty in my hair at any given point. It was awful. I threw them away as I got older and they got broken and swore, never again.
I cannot wait for this 90s obsession to die already!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Can we not call it Christmas or holidays but actually call it December?

I was inspired to write this after my previous post touched on the issue of Christmas.

I mentioned in my previous post that I am no longer a catholic. I have nothing against Catholics but I felt this wasn't for me. I did a lot of soul searching on the subject and eventually found a faith that suited myself. 

I made this decision when I was fourteen after so many years of being raised catholic. I find this interesting as now, for the first time since I started blogging, press releases are coming in marked Holidays and not Christmas.

I completely agree.

Not all faiths celebrate Christmas including my own which celebrates the 21st of December. However, marking the holidays as, 'holidays' also feels wrong to me. I've been in retail over eleven years now and I can honestly say, those days are as far away from holidays as you can get!!!! A holiday implies relaxing, family, breaks and days off. As someone working in retail this is the total opposite of the sweating, panic induced, manic, soul destroying and busy period that marks the retail period from about the second week in November to the first week in January.

I really don't want to refer to something as a holiday when it isn't. To so many people, this is not holiday season.

Oh and it's also a shitty month for those of us who live away from our partners and family (I live away from both) as we are constantly bombarded with the idea of family and the importance of a day at home with your loved ones. To me, this means calling my family in the morning and being homesick all day while spending the day at someone else's home (I've been really fortunate to have good friends who have extended a welcome on the day) missing my own family like fucking hell. I also spend it wishing I could chill out with my partner at the very least.

So yeah, Holiday season this is not. I really don't want to refer to it as a holiday and I don't think I am going to. In fact, lets just call it what it is : DECEMBER.

HOLIDAYS 2014 : Marc Jacobs 2014

 It's all a bit slick!

Behold! The new Marc Jacobs beauty pieces for 'Holiday 2014'. I am trying to get into the habit of saying Holiday and not Christmas.

It's going to take a while since I was raised Irish catholic, but left the faith when I was fourteen. I did join another faith that doesn't celebrate Christmas so I am really trying to retrain my mind into not saying Christmas.....this really has nothing to do with Marc Jacobs does it???? Anyway....
That turquoise nail varnish is a bit lush......I am really digging green varnish lately....I always enjoy a really bright green and have done for about a year now but it's about the darker colors recently. I love it.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Urban Outfitters are forced to apologise and pull a insulting Kent State sweater


Urban Outfitters forced to apologise and pull a Kent State University jumper splattered in blood. Kent State University campus was the scene of a fatal protest in the 1970s where four students died. The National Guard fired at students who were protesting the military action in Cambodia.

The university has already released a statement - and they are rightly pissed about it - "We take great offense to a company using our pain for their publicity and profit. This item is beyond poor taste and trivializes a loss of life that still hurts the Kent State community today." and “May 4 1970 was a watershed moment for the country and the Kent State family… we lost four students that day while nine others were wounded and countless others were changed forever.”

Urban Outfitters came back with : "Urban Outfitters sincerely apologizes for any offense our Vintage Kent State Sweatshirt may have caused. It was never our intention to allude to the tragic events that took place at Kent State in 1970 and we are extremely saddened that this item was perceived as such. The one-of-a-kind item was purchased as part of our sun-faded vintage collection. There is no blood on this shirt nor has this item been altered in any way. The red stains are discoloration from the original shade of the shirt and the holes are from natural wear and fray. Again, we deeply regret that this item was perceived negatively and we have removed it immediately from our website to avoid further upset."

That is discoloration!?!??!?!?!??! Are you kidding me???? Who the hell believes that!?!??!?!? This is like Zara's Western sheriff racist kids jumper again. It is what it looks like!

The university have offered to educate UO on the events of the protest at Kent University.

Man falls through ceiling at Topshop SS15 show

A man fell 50ft through the roof at Topshop's LFW show!

Apparently he landed on his back and was treated by paramedics but the show continued.

I don't know how you could continue a show when someone has been seriously hurt like that. Topshop have addressed the matter on twitter by saying he was cared for immediately after the fall but still, have a heart and stop the show.

No word on how the man is doing or what the man was doing on the roof.

Diversity at Ashish and also, hair glitter......

Salute to Ashish who had an all black model runway at London Fashion Week this week. Diversity on the runway is a massive issue and should be addressed. Fair play. More of this please!

Also, there is one thing : hair mascara. I noted the models had long glittery locks and streaks of hardcore (haircore?) glitter running through. Please let this not mean that the high street are going to bring back hair mascara in glitter. I remember that from the 00s. It was grim as hell. Lets not do this again shall we?

Meadham Kirchhoff are all about the tampons....

Tampons are the new seriously.

Meadham Kirchhoff has closed LFW with a bloody....erm....bang. Models were adorned with bloody tampons for earrings.

I know that MK are not exactly a brand that appeals to the Kate Middletons of this world but are we about start raiding the Tampax isle of Superdrug for accessories now?

Nothing more punk then tampons.

Nowat as punk as tampons.

Oh it gets better.....they had a tampon tree.

So the next time that you moan about the cost of tampons and tampons not growing on trees.....remember this - they just might...

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


NARS have announced a collaboration with Christopher Kane due to hit stores in May 2015!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Green Glitter. You need this.

 I'm all glittered out! MAC green glitter is the bomb!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Illamasqua ONCE collection for AW14

 Behold! The Illamasqua collection for AW14 which is entitled, Once. Once is a dreamy, romantic collection with an interesting looking nail varnish color. I think MAC have one very like it as well in their dreamy romantic collection. Hmmmm.....

Anyway! Is it just me or do Illamasqua release very few collections a year? Am I just used to faster brands like MAC or Urban Decay who are constantly on release? I mean UD has had all the Naked palettes, Vice 3, Pulp Fiction collection and Electric palettes, varnishes and liners this year!

Oh yeah and that is a sneaky mention as well, Urban Decay is developing a Vice three palette which will be released later this year.....No images up yet but Vice 2 created a stampede so get ready for that. I still haven't figured out if I want to buy Electric! I do love my Naked 2 and Vice 2 palettes but, I'm not sure....

Alexander Wang releases a few images of his H&M collection

 Alexander Wang has released a few images of his H&M collaboration which is due to hit stores soon. Usually the H&M collections tend to be November - I'm not sure if I'm right or not! Anyway, if your interested then some of the collection is featured in a spread in UK Vogue.

Also there are some menswear images online but, nothing too concrete as of yet.

The Simpsons Collection for MAC is a hit!

The excitement for the Simpsons collection from MAC has been insane! The collection sold out in two hours online and has now hit stores in limited amounts.

I have to say, Sideshow you, the coral blusher is one of the nicest blushers I have seen from MAC in ages! I am completely in love with it.

Naturally the packaging is a bit of a collectors item and is really fun. The boxes are yellow as well! The names are also brilliant. Check out the yellow neon gloss named, Nacho Cheese Explosion!

I would move fast - this isn't going to be around long! Oh and there are nail wraps in there too!


As per normal with Wang shows, his beauty was minimal. It's usually about the healthy glow at his shows and this one was no exception.

SKIN - Keep it clear. A good skincare routine with a dewy foundation or BB cream will help you to achieve the look. It's no make-up make-up. I would call for YSL Touche Eclat foundation or Bobbi Brown BB cream for this. Also, MAC Mineralise foundation but leave the powder minimal. For extra shine use a cream highlighter on the high points like the nose.

CONTOUR - There are some sharp cheekbones going on there. This is a light contour and not the whole Kim K routine. You can use a darker then skintone eyeshadow to create this look. If your fair then look into Omega or Wedge eyeshadows from MAC. If your darker then look for Embark from MAC or Harmony Blush.

LIPS - Matte texture in contrast to the sin in a natural color. I wouldn't even use lipstick - I'd add a bit of balm with a tint and leave it at that. Its hard to get  matte texture with a balm BUT if you can get the casual colors from MAC. OR pat your finger into a natural lipstick and use as a stain by patting your lips rather then smearing.

EYEBROWS - Having looked at all the images, even the girls with darker brows have had them lightened to an almost non existant shade. I would advise approaching this with caution. If you have to, then, Kryolan cosmetics make an amazing brow wax which can help when layered with matte foundation to make brows vanish. Also, watch drag tutorials on how they manage to make brows vanish. Girls with darker hair had almost ginger light brows drawn in. This is tricky to get it right so practise first. But it looks like light brows are in!

WHAT I WORE TODAY : On Sundays, we wear pink

 Today is all about pink. On Sundays, we wear pink.

I made this by using the following:
BASE - Vintage Selection by MAC (a paint pot)
SHADOWS - Pink blusher used all over the lid and into the crease. It's a PRO MAC color called Royal Azealia, I then added M Store purple Bordeaux. I then mixed Rock Candy by MAC (a pressed pigment) into Eyeliner mixing medium from MAC before using my finger to really press it into the skin. I added the purple underneath the eye using the duo fibre blending brush from Real Techniques.
MASCARA - Extreme Dimension from MAC (The 3D black version)
LINER - Blacktrack and rapid black from MAC

NYFW : Alexander Wang SS15 RTW

 Alexander Wang is one of the NYFW highlights for me. I've been looking at his collections for years and have come to recognise them as marking the serious start of the fashion weeks. I'm a fan of his cool, laidback and unfussy aesthetic however, I'm not usually one for sports wear.

I quite enjoyed the collection for SS15 RTW. I had a quick glance over it this morning and the verdict is good. It's simple, more classic but there is still a little bit of sports in there. A mainly neutral color palette with splashes of color in the form of bright blue, red and orange mini dresses. I do love a good mini dresses with a body con feel but I don't think I would have the balls to wear it sans bra. are calling his pants on the runway - THE shape of the season ahead. I can't say I disagree with them. I do love a good high waisted trouser with a tighter shape to the top piece. It's basically a high waisted cigarette shape trouser instead of a palazzo pant which has been all over and done to death by the high street in recent summers.

I love that plain white dress. So simple, so chic, so elegant. I am really going for minimalist this season. I love it.

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