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Vegan Brushes: How to make your make up brushes eco friendly and ethical

What a parcel!

I get asked a lot about brushes.
I imagine this is because I've spent over ten years in the business as a make up artist and as a result have a collection of brushes from everyone in the game. I cannot wait to get stuck into these!
The one thing I haven't been able to always answer is how to eco-ify your brushes.
In this day and age, it's not good enough to have real hair brushes. I would be lying if I said my collection was all vegan. I have a collection of both synthetic and natural fibre brushes. It's not just the concept of real hair which is taken from all manner of animals, including ponies but also, what do you do once the brush is beyond use? You are stuck with a wooden handle and a ferrule (the silver part that holds the fibres on the brush with glue) so what then?
I have an answer now

I was fortunate to get sent a set of So Eco brushes to play with and I was quietly optimistic. So many of the eco products I see out there come with small warnings that …

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