Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Urban Outfitters are forced to apologise and pull a insulting Kent State sweater


Urban Outfitters forced to apologise and pull a Kent State University jumper splattered in blood. Kent State University campus was the scene of a fatal protest in the 1970s where four students died. The National Guard fired at students who were protesting the military action in Cambodia.

The university has already released a statement - and they are rightly pissed about it - "We take great offense to a company using our pain for their publicity and profit. This item is beyond poor taste and trivializes a loss of life that still hurts the Kent State community today." and “May 4 1970 was a watershed moment for the country and the Kent State family… we lost four students that day while nine others were wounded and countless others were changed forever.”

Urban Outfitters came back with : "Urban Outfitters sincerely apologizes for any offense our Vintage Kent State Sweatshirt may have caused. It was never our intention to allude to the tragic events that took place at Kent State in 1970 and we are extremely saddened that this item was perceived as such. The one-of-a-kind item was purchased as part of our sun-faded vintage collection. There is no blood on this shirt nor has this item been altered in any way. The red stains are discoloration from the original shade of the shirt and the holes are from natural wear and fray. Again, we deeply regret that this item was perceived negatively and we have removed it immediately from our website to avoid further upset."

That is discoloration!?!??!?!?!??! Are you kidding me???? Who the hell believes that!?!??!?!? This is like Zara's Western sheriff racist kids jumper again. It is what it looks like!

The university have offered to educate UO on the events of the protest at Kent University.

Man falls through ceiling at Topshop SS15 show

A man fell 50ft through the roof at Topshop's LFW show!

Apparently he landed on his back and was treated by paramedics but the show continued.

I don't know how you could continue a show when someone has been seriously hurt like that. Topshop have addressed the matter on twitter by saying he was cared for immediately after the fall but still, have a heart and stop the show.

No word on how the man is doing or what the man was doing on the roof.

Diversity at Ashish and also, hair glitter......

Salute to Ashish who had an all black model runway at London Fashion Week this week. Diversity on the runway is a massive issue and should be addressed. Fair play. More of this please!

Also, there is one thing : hair mascara. I noted the models had long glittery locks and streaks of hardcore (haircore?) glitter running through. Please let this not mean that the high street are going to bring back hair mascara in glitter. I remember that from the 00s. It was grim as hell. Lets not do this again shall we?

Meadham Kirchhoff are all about the tampons....

Tampons are the new seriously.

Meadham Kirchhoff has closed LFW with a bloody....erm....bang. Models were adorned with bloody tampons for earrings.

I know that MK are not exactly a brand that appeals to the Kate Middletons of this world but are we about start raiding the Tampax isle of Superdrug for accessories now?

Nothing more punk then tampons.

Nowat as punk as tampons.

Oh it gets better.....they had a tampon tree.

So the next time that you moan about the cost of tampons and tampons not growing on trees.....remember this - they just might...

Tuesday, September 16, 2014


NARS have announced a collaboration with Christopher Kane due to hit stores in May 2015!

Saturday, September 13, 2014

Green Glitter. You need this.

 I'm all glittered out! MAC green glitter is the bomb!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Illamasqua ONCE collection for AW14

 Behold! The Illamasqua collection for AW14 which is entitled, Once. Once is a dreamy, romantic collection with an interesting looking nail varnish color. I think MAC have one very like it as well in their dreamy romantic collection. Hmmmm.....

Anyway! Is it just me or do Illamasqua release very few collections a year? Am I just used to faster brands like MAC or Urban Decay who are constantly on release? I mean UD has had all the Naked palettes, Vice 3, Pulp Fiction collection and Electric palettes, varnishes and liners this year!

Oh yeah and that is a sneaky mention as well, Urban Decay is developing a Vice three palette which will be released later this year.....No images up yet but Vice 2 created a stampede so get ready for that. I still haven't figured out if I want to buy Electric! I do love my Naked 2 and Vice 2 palettes but, I'm not sure....

Alexander Wang releases a few images of his H&M collection

 Alexander Wang has released a few images of his H&M collaboration which is due to hit stores soon. Usually the H&M collections tend to be November - I'm not sure if I'm right or not! Anyway, if your interested then some of the collection is featured in a spread in UK Vogue.

Also there are some menswear images online but, nothing too concrete as of yet.

The Simpsons Collection for MAC is a hit!

The excitement for the Simpsons collection from MAC has been insane! The collection sold out in two hours online and has now hit stores in limited amounts.

I have to say, Sideshow you, the coral blusher is one of the nicest blushers I have seen from MAC in ages! I am completely in love with it.

Naturally the packaging is a bit of a collectors item and is really fun. The boxes are yellow as well! The names are also brilliant. Check out the yellow neon gloss named, Nacho Cheese Explosion!

I would move fast - this isn't going to be around long! Oh and there are nail wraps in there too!


As per normal with Wang shows, his beauty was minimal. It's usually about the healthy glow at his shows and this one was no exception.

SKIN - Keep it clear. A good skincare routine with a dewy foundation or BB cream will help you to achieve the look. It's no make-up make-up. I would call for YSL Touche Eclat foundation or Bobbi Brown BB cream for this. Also, MAC Mineralise foundation but leave the powder minimal. For extra shine use a cream highlighter on the high points like the nose.

CONTOUR - There are some sharp cheekbones going on there. This is a light contour and not the whole Kim K routine. You can use a darker then skintone eyeshadow to create this look. If your fair then look into Omega or Wedge eyeshadows from MAC. If your darker then look for Embark from MAC or Harmony Blush.

LIPS - Matte texture in contrast to the sin in a natural color. I wouldn't even use lipstick - I'd add a bit of balm with a tint and leave it at that. Its hard to get  matte texture with a balm BUT if you can get the casual colors from MAC. OR pat your finger into a natural lipstick and use as a stain by patting your lips rather then smearing.

EYEBROWS - Having looked at all the images, even the girls with darker brows have had them lightened to an almost non existant shade. I would advise approaching this with caution. If you have to, then, Kryolan cosmetics make an amazing brow wax which can help when layered with matte foundation to make brows vanish. Also, watch drag tutorials on how they manage to make brows vanish. Girls with darker hair had almost ginger light brows drawn in. This is tricky to get it right so practise first. But it looks like light brows are in!

WHAT I WORE TODAY : On Sundays, we wear pink

 Today is all about pink. On Sundays, we wear pink.

I made this by using the following:
BASE - Vintage Selection by MAC (a paint pot)
SHADOWS - Pink blusher used all over the lid and into the crease. It's a PRO MAC color called Royal Azealia, I then added M Store purple Bordeaux. I then mixed Rock Candy by MAC (a pressed pigment) into Eyeliner mixing medium from MAC before using my finger to really press it into the skin. I added the purple underneath the eye using the duo fibre blending brush from Real Techniques.
MASCARA - Extreme Dimension from MAC (The 3D black version)
LINER - Blacktrack and rapid black from MAC

NYFW : Alexander Wang SS15 RTW

 Alexander Wang is one of the NYFW highlights for me. I've been looking at his collections for years and have come to recognise them as marking the serious start of the fashion weeks. I'm a fan of his cool, laidback and unfussy aesthetic however, I'm not usually one for sports wear.

I quite enjoyed the collection for SS15 RTW. I had a quick glance over it this morning and the verdict is good. It's simple, more classic but there is still a little bit of sports in there. A mainly neutral color palette with splashes of color in the form of bright blue, red and orange mini dresses. I do love a good mini dresses with a body con feel but I don't think I would have the balls to wear it sans bra. are calling his pants on the runway - THE shape of the season ahead. I can't say I disagree with them. I do love a good high waisted trouser with a tighter shape to the top piece. It's basically a high waisted cigarette shape trouser instead of a palazzo pant which has been all over and done to death by the high street in recent summers.

I love that plain white dress. So simple, so chic, so elegant. I am really going for minimalist this season. I love it.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

These are the colors of SS15

 Behold the Pantone colors of SS15.....I cant believe we are discussing

Thursday, September 4, 2014

We Are Handsome are amazing

I do enjoy the work of We Are Handsome.

I've posted about them before but here we are again! I like the idea of reminding yourself of your holiday......with a dress.

The Landing Dress £249 which you can find here

Oh and FYI - These guys make the best and most interesting swimsuits you'll find as well.

Make Up Forever turns 30 with a palette

 Make Up Forever is 30. A special birthday. In order to celebrate they have created a palette that the PRO artists are actually loosing sleep over, fighting it out and also, bribing staff for.

This is the 30 artists, 30 years, 30 colors palette. It is exactly what it says on the tin. There is a color selection, a jewel tone selection and a neutral selection - making this - the ultimate in make-up artist kit dreams.

I haven't used MUFE eye shadows but I have had some of their other products which are equally as wonderful. I really love visiting their branch in Dublin - the one on Claredon Street. Their staff are really nice there. I'm sure you can google my fawning over my product buys from there. I am not sure if they stock the palette though and sadly, at $250, I can't buy it any time soon.

However the full cost of the eyeshadows individually is somewhere in the region of $750 so I suggest anyone looking to stock up on shadows for a kit invest if you can get it. Sephora are stocking it but the waiting list is on lock down in many locations. People are just nuts for it.
So yeah, make some calls and keep your fingers crossed.

Urban Decay's new AW14 palette

Behold, Urban Decay's new shadow box for AW14.

A palette of mixed neutrals with a bit of color for a mix up. I like it. I am LOVING that green. I don't know why but I seem to be really into greens lately. That is lovely. A real jewel toned green.

I can't have anymore UD palettes which makes me sad. I am still working on my Naked 2 palette for neutrals and my Vice palette for color. I just can't justify it when I have six MAC palettes, one NARS and two Bobbi Brown palettes in circulation.

I'm addict.

Go on without yourselves!

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Panda plugs. The best thing ever.

My new panda plug! HOW CUTE IS THAT?!?!?!?!?!?

I got it from Ice 9 in Nottingham for £4! Can't argue!

Because everyone needs a giant man in their morning!

Some of us had a more productive morning then others......

Also, these are my tights. Chains and knee highs. Gotta love it!

OPINION : Why I am annoyed with trendy food intolerances.

I understand that fashion goes through stages with  various things. Food is one of them. We have had cupcakes, smoothies an macaroons in style in recent years. Oh and not forgetting, the Cronut.

I am more concerned about this latest trend and what it means for me. This trend of being anti-gluten. About four years ago, I was diagnosed with coeliac disease. To me, it was the end of being ill. I had been sick for so long with no idea what was causing it. I had had stomach operations, changed diets and a gall bladder removed before someone went, hey, you know what.....

It started innocently enough with being told I was lactose intolerant. So I switched to soya. I was then told I was soya intolerant. I was still getting ill. I was then subject to camera tests (up and down - if you have had one then you'll know what I mean) which revealed my gallbladder was screwed. I had surgery to remove it. I had scan after scan after scan. Before my surgery, I would be hospitalized after one slice of pizza. It happened once or twice before I gave in and asked for the surgery. I had pizza with friends and woke up in agony. I took my usual pain killers and sleeping tablets (yeah my doctor gave me sleeping tablets because they had no other way of telling me how to deal with it bar sleep it off) and nothing worked. I ended up on a drip. My doctor told me this would happen again unless I had surgery. So I did it. It helped.

But I was still ill.

When I was diagnosed with coeliac disease, it meant that a whole lot had to change. I had to be so careful what I ate. I did make mistakes because things that I thought were okay had secret gluten in them. Case in point - seafood sticks - WHO SAW THAT ONE COMING?!!??! So over the years, I got used to it. I got used to being the awkward one at dinners, unable to eat anything in pastry shops and watching friends eat cake because the shop doesn't do GF options. I did everything I could to avoid gluten.

This is why this trend of being gluten free is both a blessing and curse to me. The good side is that it has forced places to get with the times and offer gluten free options. I can now eat that cake and I can now join in with friends. There are a few places that don't offer options and my friends are so good that they often leave rather then eat in a place where I can't. It has also forced Tesco and other shops to start catering more options to me. I can now have GF bread, pasta, pizza AND garlic breads. It has forced shops to find better ways of making the food tastier. I still remember when Genius bread didn't exist and you had those awful loaves of really tiny bread that tasted like stale plain cake and crumbled the minute you put butter on it. It has also lowered the price of goods too.

The bad side?

People take coeliacs less seriously. Intolerance to foods is not fun. I have been there and still am there with the lactose. I am currently drinking black coffee as a result. I still have the voms after a cheese sandwhich. Although my love for cheese is such that I progress through it. So I get it. Intolerances are not fun and not something you want in life. However, coeliac disease is just that - a disease. It is an auto immune disease which means that it attacks part of my body. The food damages me. I don't just get a night in the bathroom after a pizza - I get the whole works then damage.

Nothing annoys me faster then the usual suspect sitting in a cafe bleating loudly about her GF diet and how intolerant she is before sending back her cake because 'it doesn't look gluten free'. Most coeliacs complain quietly and with embarrassment about the food because we have had to deal with this for longer then five minutes and also, we don't like to trouble people. I've honestly sat there without food because there are no gluten free options. Case in point? A cafe in New York on my last day that didn't serve ANYTHING without bread. I didn't want to trouble my friend to leave and I didn't want to be awkward so I offered to sit there and have a coke while he had dinner. He relented and we left but it was so uncomfortable. I HATE that part.

The problem is that with downgrading coeliac disease, it is less likely to be something taken very seriously by places that serve food. They are less likely to be careful about food preperation. There are places that have GF sections that cater only to GF foods away from regular food to avoid cross contamination. When was the last time you saw a place that had a lactose free area to avoid giving someone the shits accidently? Nope. Intolerances are viewed differently. Intolerances, allergies and diseases are different things with different reactions.

Argh! I don't mind fad things like cronuts (please make a GF version so I can at least try it instead of wafting the pasty near my face so I can at least smell it) and cucpcakes. I really like looking at cupcakes. They are pretty and make me feel happy. Anyone else? No? But this business of trendy health conditions and dietary conditions? I am still on the fence of thinking good or bad. I am not sure of either.

Benefit Cosmetics have a really strange advert for their new liner.....

People are not happy.

This is some form of a weird advert for Benefit cosmetics. I'm not really sure how this works to sell mascara and liner by mocking someone's culture. I wasn't expecting to find it as offensive as people have but I got five seconds in and yeah, I did.

Oh but also, it's annoying, terrible and I really do not understand if its meant to be a piss take or an actual thing.

Twenty Days of Harrassment At American Apparel. Read it.

An interesting article is doing the rounds at the minute. It's an article on what it is like to actually work at American Apparel and the shitty things the staff were subjected to.

It's interesting as it raises a lot of different points. I was horrified to read about the staff member forced to try on sheer clothing for a male customer. What is even more horrifying is the store's reaction to the incident which was to just say, oh well, at least he is gone now. It's fine.

Then to make another staff member wear a bra when he came back in again! WHAT.

I do get it on a weird level because inappropriate stuff like that happens a lot in retail. Thankfully, I have always worked in stores that have appropriate reactions to stuff like this. I did work in an underwear shop which attracted a lot of strange people, most men but some ladies too and it was odd. I would get compared. 'Oh my wife is about your size, what bra size do you wear?' and I did have someone ask me to try something on. The store were pretty good about throwing customers out if they crossed the line in the respect of crossing physical boundries.

It is all in how the store handles it and about feeling safe at work.

Another issue with this is the racial discrimination. I found that shocking as well. I understand that it happens and its bullshit. However, how openly racist the store managers are in this store is shocking and seriously messed up.

If you want a read, and I suggest that you do : You'll find it here and it's a pretty good eye opener.

Monday, September 1, 2014

How much is your face worth? The cold hard facts......

A fun post today on facebook got me thinking. It asked how much is your face worth? Calculate just how much money the make-up you are wearing right now costs!

As today is a day off from work and I have been as far as the shops and no further. I calculate this at :


Which is still quite high. This does not take into account the cost per wear which would be crazy. I estimate that I have had my powder two years. If I wore this every day which I don't it would be something like 0.006 cent per day. Which is not bad and possibly really bad math!

Now lets look at a day on.


This is estimated on foundation, powder, shimmer, brows, three eyeshadows, mascara, primer on eyelids, eyeliner, blusher, lipstick and three concealers. Yes three seperate shades of concealer to do different jobs. That is a bit shocking!

The total cost of my shower.


This is my three shampoo and conditioner. I use a regular one and a once off blonding shampoo. I also use a face wash and a body wash too. Although it would be nice to have one that did both.

The total cost of my skincare routine.


This is a exfoliator, moisturiser, wipes, toner, make-up remover, eye make up remover - oh I didnt and possibly couldn't calculate how many cotton wool pads and buds I go through too. This is regular skincare stuff and not including my facial treats such as masks, etc.

Amazing. I had no idea I was blowing this amount. It's an overall total of :


I'm actually a little stunned here. This is the total price not including discounts or deals like three for two which I normally get on shampoos. If I paid full price - this is how much my collection is worth. Holy hell. That 456.50 is around HALF of my college fees per semester!

I know there is a lot worse in my kit. I am guilty of buying a lot worse. There are expensive things in there that I rarely use. Brushes are not included in this estimate either. I would say my brush collection is in the region of 2,000. If I was to calculate it which I can't because I will cry.

I don't exactly shop cheap. I LOVE expensive product and my range includes :

LOW : Primark wipes, Boots cotton wool pads and buds, Aussie haircare,  Boots Botanics range and Model's Own nail varnish, Barry M nail varnish and eyeshadow pigments.

Medium : MAC, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, Urban Decay, Origins, Make Up Forever, M Store and Bumble and Bumble hair care.

High : Kiehls and Jo Malone perfumes.

I mainly shop a higher medium or a low. I know I keep my hygiene stuff as low as possible including Primark Tea Tree wipes (for make up freelance because any MUA knows that you whip through wipes while working and its not worth using expensive wipes) and also cotton anything because I go through it so quickly. I shop higher medium for my make-up and skincare because I really care about my skin. I know most people would class MAC or any of those other at high price points but to me, there is more expensive out there. If you compare the prices of Dior or Chanel to Origins for example.
I don't really shop that high because I haven't really seen an expensive purchase worth the cost that I can't get at medium prices. Kiehl's Midnight Recovery Oil is the only Kiehls product I religiously love and will constantly buy. It sorts my dry skin patches in a way that no other brand is able for and I can see a difference. Jo Malone is another one. I love the smell. But don't we all?

So how much is your face worth?

The 9 Recycling Commandments : Listen, Learn and Actually Do It.

There is nothing more scary then the wardrobe toss.

I recently went through my wardrobe back home and got seriously fierce with myself. I forced myself to chuck years of manic dressing into NINE bin bags to take to a charity shop. The thing is, I had never done a clear out.

Since I move a lot, my wardrobe would get packed up then six out of ten bin bags would arrive at my new location and the others would go to my parents house. This meant that there was a serious back log of clothing. I found several hundred bras as well!

The problem is, now that I am no longer in reach of my parents house to dump all my old clothes, I am stuck with them here! I don't like to throw anything away because, I might need them again. However, I'm sure there are things in there that I don't need.

Cleaning out my make-up is never this hard. I just isolate the colors I know I don't need and get rid!  I think because they have a use by date - it makes it easier. If you haven't used a lime green eyeliner by then then you never will.

I think September makes it a pressing urge as well. I get to thinking about reinventing my look and changing things around.  I want to make a difference and that means getting rid of all the old crap lying around. There are some serious gems in there. I regret only a few items from my nine bag purge. I regret throwing my Kate Moss maxi skirt from her first Topshop collection.....yeah it was too big but I could have altered it right???

So here are my rules for a purge :

1 - If it doesn't fit you and you haven't altered it - get rid. You never will. I have some serious items that are way too big after a weight drop meant that I am stable at a weight that isn't changing anytime soon. Clothing that I bought when I had puppy fat doesn't fit anymore and won't.

2 - Forget as many memories as you can. I have clothes that sentimental meaning. Oh I can't throw that dress because I wore it on such and such a date. Yeah you can. Be strong.

3 - If you haven't worn it - chuck it. I had clothing in my wardrobe that I never wore. I mean clothes with labels attached. If I hadn't worn that dress in three years with a label on it.....chances are that I never will.

4 - Accept that your style changes. My style changes a little. I'm always slightly gothic and slightly punk. I wish I had accepted this. I wasted so much energy on clothing that I liked the look of but didn't fit my style. This included me getting rid of two dresses with polka dots in pastel shades. When would I ever wear that???

5 - Find a charity you like. This is a big one. Donate the clothing to a charity you like and trust. I have to admit that when I dropped off the massive bags to the charity, the woman was so rude to me that I decided then and there - I'm never giving you guys clothing again. Ironically, the charity had collections of Dunnes, Primark and Tesco clothing and I was donating Topshop, Urban Outfitters and some occasional designer goods like YSL. I thought to myself, that the charity worker had been so rude and mean about my age. No seriously - my actual age. When I dropped off the nine bags, my mother went to speak to her and she was LOVELY. When I went in the second time with a further three bags - big change. She was really unimpressed and just rude. The only thing I can think of is, my age. She also almost refused a pair of £250 boots because she didn't know the brand! It was only when her assistant jumped in and almost offered me money on the spot for them that she relented. So yeah, they lost my custom. I would publish the name of the place here but since it's a charity - I'm not going to. But yeah, find a worthy cause and donate.

6 - Inspect. Seperate. Recycle or Bin. Charity shops do not want a skirt so battered that its gone see through and ripped. Nor do they want your old collection of thongs. Think about it a little. Then do it.

7 - Get mates over. I did this when I left Dublin. I cleaned out my wardrobe and put everything I owned and didn't wear into a bag. I called three mates over and said I will hold up items and if your hand goes up first - its yours. No money involved. It turned out to be great fun. I got rid of three bags at the end and only a small fraction got binned. Job done!

8 - Can you change it? You can actually alter things to make a better outfit of them. Those boyfriend jeans you never wear? Why not crop them into shorts? Why not add something? You can give an outfit an entire new lease of life by doing it.

9 - Be clean. The amount of people who don't wash or iron things before handing them into charity. Also, accept that when recycling make-up - CLEAN IT. I have the fear about old make-up from mates because people just don't clean their make-up. This means that eye infections, cold sores and other such beautiful things get passed from friend to friend. Joys.

I hope this helps!

Can we stop the madness now please?

Maybe I am just cynical but I don't see the point in this?

I wear dark and bright matte lip colors which stain and dry my lips. I compensate for this by using my regular remover and my regular wipes.

I also use scrub, conditioner and lip primer too. I just don't see the point in seperate wipes for lips. If this carries on then we will have eye make-up remover wipes, nail varnish remover wipes, foundation remover wipes and lip wipes......etc.

I give it five minutes before I arrive home drunk and use the nail varnish wipes to remove my eye make-up.....

Sunday, August 31, 2014

Illamasqua's christmas campaign from two years ago is still as shocking today

Dear lord no.

In the uproar this week about the top at Zara, this turned up in my inbox from a reader. It's a campaign from two years for Illamasqua that the company withdrew after serious complaints from customers.

I've never seen it before but since this blog has form on reporting offensive campaigns and collections with a view to getting them removed. I thought I would show this because I find it horrific.

How did someone okay this?

This is horrible! There is also an all white version of this which doesn't carry the same history or offense because, well, this is universally not an okay thing. I'm glad the company apologised and removed the image but is the damage done? How much does saying sorry as a company actually do?

I know this is from two years ago and therefore done with but I'm still amazed at how shocking it is.

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