Sunday, February 6, 2011

Italian Vogue do amazing photoshoot

I can't decide what to make of her erm, viewpoints' on bloggers, but check out the fantastic and wonderful shots from the upcoming issue of Italian Vogue by the confusing Franca Sozzani.
This is a follow up shoot to her all black issue which was seriously groundbreaking in fashion journalism. This is the black allure.....and it features one of the hottest models : Jordan Dunn. (The things I would do to the woman.....that aside)
It's great to see this. In an industry where the usual bland bleach blonde models reign supreme it's always great to see stunning girls who are comfortable in their own skin and being role models to generations of teenagers, like myself who are bombared with magazine imagery at a young age. Magazines telling us how to look, feel and what to wear. Photoshoots like this are a real breath of fresh air.

Not sure when the issue is out, given that I don't speak Italian so I don't buy Italian vogue. I still to UK or USA. Although given the current state of UK Vogue, I think it might be a while before I purchase again......ELLE all the way!

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  1. UGH. the only time they want to use black/dark models is when the theme has something with the word BLACK in it. they shold get over themselves fuck sake.

    shit like this makes me want to give up on fashion entirely


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