Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Celebrities spend money on stupid shit. Am I jealous? Duh.....

It's depressing to think that there are people out there who can afford to blow a couple of grand on lights when your scraping together the remains of your paycheck for baked beans but there are. Thefrisky.com have complied a list of the 11 most unbelievable celebrity blow outs. So here they are, just so you can feel worse :

1- $20,000 on vintage lights - Jennifer Aniston in New York
2 - Kim Kardashian - $100, 000 on seven Birkin bags
3 -  Victoria Beckham - €1 million on a shopping spree in Milan on handbags, shoes, dresses, luggage, five sofas, 12 sunglasses and a Rolex for David.
4 - Justin Bieber - $3,000 on G-star merchandise in New York
5 - Will I. Am - $23,000 in 30 minutes at Vivienne Westwood in London. (apparently the store had already closed and he made staff give him a 50% discount!!!!!!!)
6 -  Brad Pitt - $10,000 on children's clothes in Paris for Shiloh
7- Beyonce - $10,000 on Balenciaga gold leggings and bra for her tour
8- John Travolta - $12,000 on children's clothes and jewelry for his daughter in New York
9 - Madonna - Rumored to spend up to £60,000 per look book she flips through

I got rid of two celebrities from the list because they listed Britney Spears who bought her mother a house - houses don't count - and some wagon off the real Jersey Shore housewives who go dancing on ice - or something.....

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