Monday, May 26, 2014

Nirvana at Sir Henrys.....

So a while ago, I wrote a piece on the legendary Nirvana gig at Sir Henry's in Cork. This gig, in 1991, is the stuff of alternative myths and legends.

I was contacted a while ago to ask for the piece for a blog which has been set up to promote an exhibition on the nightclub in UCC, Cork.

I thought I would ask you guys to give it a click and see what you think! I'm crazy proud of it! I've had wonderful feedback from it already.

You may remember it from being posted here about two years ago but I will say that it has been updated and changed slightly, so it will be slightly different!

You can find it - here - if you want to check it out!

I'd appreciate the love!

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  1. Hi Miss Penny. Thanks for permitting us to use the piece on our blog - getting a great reaction. And we hope you can get to see the exhibition - we will have some Nirvana related content on display


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