THE CBD DIARIES: And now for something....completely different!

So this is a bit of a different one for me!

I am used to writing about how much I dislike certain fashion collections or that I'm interested in such and such a brand. I am not used to writing about my mental health struggles.

Which is a shame because the more we speak about these things then the more they become normalised and discussed. I made a decision mid last year to be more open about my mental health to people and it has helped. So here we go!

I have chronic anxiety.

This is not a mild worry that I've left the gas on but a horrific fear that seeps into my every day that I'm about to fired, my friends hate me, my partner hates me. I started a high dose of medication in 2016 when I realised how ill I actually was. I came home from Italy and was afraid to go for walks because people walking towards me had concealed knives or that the microwave was going to explode at any minute.  At my worst, I couldn't be in a car because of the fear that I would be killed by people driving too close to things.

I have tried so many things over the things but it makes my life a bit of a nightmare. I'm just constantly trying to stop myself from thinking I'm a burden on people. I scaled down the blog, I started to mind myself but nothing works.

I've learned this week just how much I struggle with it. My body is currently detoxing from my medication. I forgot to pack my pills for my time in Ireland and I have had to go cold turkey which is not advised.

So where does this blog come into this?

I started to look into alternative forms of medication and help over the past few months. I took up acupuncture and introduced a 'self care Wednesday' where I do nothing but eat take away and watch crap TV. But I'm constantly looking for something I could try. People had constantly referred me to CBD oil.

I was delighted to get a bottle of Bristol CBD Oil to use over the past few days.

I've really wanted to try CBD oil as I know a few people who use it to take the edge of anxiety.  I wanted to use it with my medication as a way to take the 'argh' off my day.

There was a catch. I knew nothing nothing about it. In fact, since I started taking the Bristol CBD oil, I've noticed how many women have felt the same. I've been blown away by how many women on social media have messaged, commented or tweeted me with the same questions I had. 'How do you take it?' or 'where do you get it from?' questions made me realise that the vape/CBD and online CBD industry doesn't feel like a particularly female friendly space. There is a market out there to talk to women about CBD oil.

I knew nothing about this before I started. This is where the Bristol CBD website came in handy. It explained everything clearly so I could understand what I was taking.  In fact, you can find their information page here if you would like to know more.

I started out slowly using a low dose. I'm glad about this because this was literally the only thing I knew about CBD. When I get a bit stressed or anxious, I put a small amount underneath my tongue. It can be a strong taste at first but its not unbearable and its not too gross. I got used to it quite quickly. In fact, I travelled to Ireland for Christmas (sadly I had to leave it behind) and it nicely helped to take the stressful edge off my journey.

I find travel one of the more triggering things about my anxiety. In taking the CBD oil, I found a nice reassurance that I didn't have to worry. I've done this journey so many times that it is second nature to me now but there is still space for panic that anything could go wrong.  While on the CBD,  I would start to panic and then I would feel the stress melt away.

I have another reason for wanting to get to grips with CBD oil. I want to order some for my mother who is dealing with the stress of my father's cancer diagnosis and chemotherapy.

I plan on doing more posts about the Bristol CBD oil once I am back from Ireland. My new plan is to test the accidental detox from my medication to see how I can cope with the CBD. I will also be posting on my socials as well which you can follow: here

You can also find Bristol CBD oil to buy: here. Bristol CBD are extremely reasonable with their prices. I know this for a fact as I tried to buy CBD in Ireland and it was not a great experience! I'm actually about to order some for my mum too! My advice again would be to start small and then build up from there.

Not into the oil? Try the chocolate or muscle rub instead!

Boring disclaimer: I am not asking nor telling anyone to take CBD oil instead of seeking medical advice nor to detox off medication. It has helped me but everyone has a different story. If you think that CBD oil could help you then please please talk to a professional and/or your doctor. Check that it will not interfere with your medication. Bristol CBD are far more experienced then I am about talking about it. Try their website: here


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