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I got a pair of the Black Milk Skeleton Dungarees

                                            I finally got my hands on some Black Milk clothing. Years and years of being a broke student then a broke make-up artist then a broke journalist meant I never really allowed myself the splurge of buying something from Australia. The reason for this was the added burden of tax on what is not a cheap purchase as it is. So it's been years of me sighing over their clothing until I turned 35 and decided no more.  I bit the bullet and ordered my first thing this year in the middle of lockdown. I bought their skeleton dungarees in full length and black. They also come in hot pants and a pink version which isn't my style. I'm too old for hot pants now. I prefer a sensible trouser length in my old age. I have to admit, I am so in love with these. Tis the season for insane Halloween gear but, as a goth non-binary dungaree lover....these are for life.

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