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Digital legacies: Was it all worth it?

 You may notice a few changes on the blog soon.  I've been thinking a lot recently about 'digital legacies' which is really a sign of the times we live in. I started this blog back when I was a really young woman living in Limerick. I was about to move to Dublin where I would start a journalism MA degree.  The posts from this era, make me cringe. They would do because I'm now a professional journalist and writer who is 36. I used language I wouldn't today, didn't capitalise letters where I should have and featured clothing that horrifies me.  I'm happy to leave some of it and file it under 'growing pains' on this blog but it does raise a question for me. Would I feel happy if an employer - which is now editors or magazines in my case - found it? This feeds into a wider discussion about being very careful what we leave online for safety reasons but I am very pleased that I haven't written anything too horrific. Mind you, there were some handbags I

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