welcome to the new section of the site. this is the section where. Due to our massive love of going out, dressing up and admiring other peoples clothes, we have now decided to post up pics of outfits, people and crowd before reviewing a night cower in fear club owners and promoters....this is your final warning.....


I love a good pair of brogs on a lady.....extra pointy.....
Camera necklace @ Lucy's lounge temple bar dublin.
This woman, if you ever see her out. hire her to style you. she has the most amazing wardrobe has a knack for getting the coolest little bits from vintage stores around Dublin. The bits she manages to find are incredible. I always find at least one item I want to rob her for!

The crowd at Base bar is a late one. We turned up stupidly early (11 - please don't tell anyone, morto!) but the crowd doesn't arrive until well and truely fashionably late @12ish. It's also one of the few clubs in Dublin where the boys out dress the ladies. I don't really care much for menswear but, I saw a fair few outfits I loved on the boys of the night wandering around the club. Including an interesting take on 90's grunge. (flannel shirt, kurt hair, grunge t-shirt but pink straight leg jeans and docs)
Also, there is another good reason to love Basebar. The freebies. At some point in the night, the host, a Mr. Paul Rider climbs up on the speakers and throws free tickets into the crowd. the result? A scrum which would frighten veteran mosh pit goers! This week it was Lady GaGa tickets, and Miss Penny learned the hard way that you don't come between Dublin's gay scene and their Gaga. I didn't get a ticket. but, I did get a free cocktail and entry pass for next week! score!
Another note about Mr Rider. Fair play. every night I have been there he has been wonderfully attired and suited and booted. Usually with amazing eye make-up. Last night it was a shirt, tie, corset and black sequinned cropped jacket (which made me miss my own sequinned jacket sitting at home in my wardrobe after I grounded it for shedding glitter on my carpet)
So, all in all.....a good night and a pleasant change from the usual scene spots around town.
the crowd at Basebar last night
Amanda, Warren and Evin.
RED CAPE = lucy's lounge at temple bar
Me and Evin last night
Top = 18 euro from topshop
Pink lipstick = No.52 from Barry M cosmetics
Eyelashes = Toyko eyelure
Eyeliner = Heatherette for MAC cosmetics
amazing tribly and correct usage of a white vest.
the brilliant Mr Ryder. Club promoter and host of Base bar. When this man gets up on the speakers, get ready to loose your drink and your dignity (but hell, you might just get the tickets!)
gentleman with excellent hair.

evin and editor of Pink Blue magazine, Warren.

€2 SHOT Tequila
€2 SHOT Sambuca
€2 SHOT Apple Sour
€3 Pint Budweiser
€3 Pint Guinness
€3 Pint Carlsberg
€3 Pint Heiniken
€3 Bottle Heiniken/ Coors Light
€3 Alcopops
€4 Vodka Energise
€4 Vodka Coke/7up
€4 Glass Prosec

Chart and pop

mind the stairs when drunk!

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